Opening the Throat Chakra 666

Please note: this is a very difficult hand position [mudra] unless you have very small hands. THE HAND POSITIONS ARE UNNECESSARY AND ARE OPTIONAL. Just skip the hand position if this is in any way difficult for you. The vibration is the key here and you should be relaxed. Trying to force your hands into the mudra is a distraction. Mudras should be comfortable.

To activate the throat chakra, fold your hands together as in the photo, thumbs touching side by side- do not fold the thumbs. **This hand position is difficult. For those of you with larger hands, it can be skipped. It is best to be relaxed and not in any pain or discomfort while performing these exercises.

Take a deep breath; hold as in the other exercises for opening the soul, and then vibrate: "HAUM" until your breath is fully released.
THE *H* SHOULD BE A DEEP HISS IN THE THROAT, LIKE A CAT, BUT HISSING DEEPLY. Extend the M-M-M-M-M until you have completely exhaled.
The important thing is to feel it strongly in your throat, above the hollow. Do this 5-7 times. Remember- getting the correct tone can take some practice. The chant should vibrate your throat area. This exercise can be done once a week or more as needed.

Click Here for HAUM Mp3 Audio

Now align your throat chakra point down as illustrated at left.




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