Miscellaneous Information on
Satanic Signs, Symbols, Certain Code-Words,
and Related

This webpage will be for new information and will be updated frequently with notes. The information below should be of help in deciphering some ancient texts and alchemical writings.

The color black, of which many of us are attracted to and wear, have on our websites and so forth, has to do with alchemy and transformation of the soul. It is in our racial memory. The Satanic colors of red and black go back to Ancient Egypt, where these colors were sacred. They are connected with transformation of the soul. Black is the death of the old soul and was also sacred in Norse religions where it signified a rebirth and new dawn.

The point down pentagram is also another very important symbol as it signifies the spirit being brought down to the base chakra and made material. The spiritual with the material is the key.

“Heaven” is a code word for the seventh chakra. “Seventh heaven.”

“Hell” is a code word for the base chakra that contains the kundalini Hell-fire.

The STOLEN creation epic in the bible is another allegory. ALL WRITINGS CORRECTLY INTERPRETED ARE ALLEGORIES AND THOSE WHO TAKE THEM LITERAL ARE MISLED, EASILY CONTROLLED AND ENSLAVED. The tree of knowledge is a map of the soul. The serpent is Satan. Satan is another code-word for the kundalini serpent. By “eating of the tree” one becomes all-knowing. This was stolen from many ancient Pagan religions and twisted.


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