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She can cause arguments to escalate into serious fights, she protects soldiers and their camps and can cause wounds not to heal.
She teaches architecture and provides good familiars. Sabnock is a female Demon. She has blue wings with frosted highlights.


He causes love between the sexes, stimulates sexual desire and incites the passions. He encourages fidelity to one's partner.

Sallos has bright orange hair with a silver aura. He changes the color of his hair to black and his aura to gold. He wears a suit of armor. He also disappears to where you can only see his head.


Seere discovers thefts, transports goods and can control time.
He can cause a spell or act of magick to happen immediately. He can bring a surplus of things to happen at once. He is good natured and helpful to the summoner.

Seere has white wings with tan markings. He is of medium height, with a strong build. He has soft dark medium-length hair and a strong face Seere is very agile in flight and he is very soft-spoken.


He can cause one to become deaf, dumb or blind and can take away understanding. He can steal money or possessions and reveals the way to stolen property or hidden things. He provides good famliars and will transport anything.

Shax has short blue hair. He has a medium build with dark skin. He gives one a feeling of power that comes from his aura. He is very powerful in his magick.

High Priest Salem Burke relates his experience with Shax:
Shax is a good Demon. He has a totally good "work ethic", and will do a task specifically very enthusiastically. He's got a lot of odd angular . . . angles. He likes circular shapes, and uses them a lot (they are really not circular, they are just moving energies.)
But he walks along "pointed" angles with great ease -- something Goetic Demons do not tend to like. If you ask him several questions he will totally ignore the ones not related to the task at hand (i.e. love, etc. during an attempt to get a promotion), and not for any other reason than because his energy will be uselessly diminished. This is likely because (judging form his character) he is accustomed to "human interaction" -- he is a people Demon (but still a professional, and a good capable one, seriously -- he packs a good punch), and works immediately to fulfill the dominant and most likely task -- usually and in my case about money, and/or about catching a thief. Japs snatched my ATM card, and Shax had him locked away in a matter of minutes, just like he said. I have no doubt as to his answers, he answers quickly and accurately, and would not be the sort of Demon anyone would wish to cross. He is very powerful -- his residual energy was very helpful.

Inevitably my innermost concern became for Japs. I asked Shax once, "You will make absolutely sure you do not terrify him, or cause him permanent harm -- scare him -- and by this I do not mean like the others (as one is disfigured and the other paralyzed -- long time ago)?"

He answered very quickly and confidently, and powerfully. He said Japs would call me but would not admit it -- and that he had been restrained. Now Japs steals cars like I take taxis, and has never been busted for a GTA. Until, of course -- now.


He has knowledge of all of the stars, planets and stones. He teaches astronomy and the uses of herbs.

Stolas has beautiful long dark brown curly hair and blue eyes. His wings are cream colored and laced with gold trim. His wings are like a Griffin's wings."

SYTRY aka SITRI AKA THE EGYPTIAN GOD SET, Seth, Sethi, Sit, Sut, Sutekh. (See High Ranking Demons and Crown Princes of Hell)

The Prince of love and lust, he causes women to reveal themselves naked. He incites men and women fall in love with each other.

High Priestess Maxine; experience with Set:
He appears during the day even though Set is the Egyptian Lord of Darkness. He is one of the 7 Sons of Satan. He is dark complected, jet black hair, he had at first rubbery dark brown wings that turned into beautiful soft black feathery angel wings like a raven and he wears a long black satin robe. He was very kind, soft spoken and left me with a strong energetic feeling of peace. He has most beautiful energy. He definitely represents darkness. He appeared to me at mid afternoon on a sunny day in my room. He may be both a day and night Demon/God. He also appears with his Wife, Nephthys (Bathin).


Valefor is an expert at occult medicine, and can cure any and all ills magickally. He bestows dexterity with ones hands and makes one's mind sharp. He can change men into animals and is good at thievery and teaches how to steal.

High Priestess Maxine; my experience:
Valefor has a large head like Lucifuge Rofocal. He has a greenish complexion with dark pronounced eyebrows. He has huge white feathery wings.


Vapula teaches philosophy and other sciences. She can assist one in passing tests and examinations. She helps one to converse intelligently on almost any subject and bestows skill in all of the manual professions. She also teaches craftmanship.

Vapula has very long, straight, black hair, with red eyes. She is of medium height and has tan colored wings, pointed ears and dark skin.


Vassago is one of the friendliest of the Demons.He reveals the past, present and the future and can find anything that has been hidden, misplaced, lost or stolen.


She controls the sea, can cause storms, or calm the sea. She can cause disaster and death. Vepar guides battleships and causes death from infected wounds.

Vepar gives the feeling of lightness and can help with levitation. She appears as a warrior Demoness. She has dark brown hair and wears a leather band around her head. She appears wearing a leather skirt. She is very soft spoken and very kind. She leaves one with a happy feeling and has a blue aura.


Vine is the only Demon who can reveal the identity of other witches and sorcerers. He knows all secrets and can destroy enemies. He can defend the mage againt the attacks of other sorcerers and witches. He knows and reveals past, present and future. He discovers hidden things, causes storms, destroys walls and builds towers.

Vine appears accompanied by a black lion. Vine is very thin and dark skinned. He has black wings and carries a gold staff. His black shoulder-length hair is straight with platinum blonde at the tips.


He discovers serpents for the mage and reveals hidden treasures. He can lead one toward a good job, a sympathetic friend. He also provides lucky numbers. He moves fast. He flies very fast and usually departs through the ceiling.


Uvall reveals past, present, and future. He reconciles enemies and brings the love of a woman to a man. He creates friendships and ensures esteem. He knows all and can manipulate time.

Uvall is a unisex Demon. S/He has long flowing blonde curly hair, deep green eyes, is very tall and is built stocky. Her/His name is pronounced "Ewe-Val". Uvall wears golden body armor and has white wings.

ZAGAN IS THE GOD "DAGON" (See High Ranking Demons and Crown Princes of Hell)

Zagan can transform liquids- wine into blood; water into wine. He can bring to one's mind the humor in all happenings. Zagan turns metal into coins and bestows wit. He gives wisdom and can make fools wise.


Zepar incites love and passion between the sexes. He can make women barren and can cause one to shape shift.


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