There are four great God powers who rule Hell; Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth and Azazel. Satan is the most powerful and Ruler over all.
Gods of great rank and power assist only their confidantes and intimate friends. Ea/Enki (Satan), Enlil (Beelzebub; the original 'Baal'), Inanna (Ishtar, Isis, Astaroth) and Shamash/Utu, Ashur (Azazel) were the four most popular, powerful and notable Gods throughout the world. They were the Original Gods of Mesopotamia. All are related. Beelzebub/Enlil is Satan/Ea's half-brother and Astaroth and Azazel are twin brother and sister, the grandchildren of Beelzebub.







Agaliarept reveals secrets and unveils mysteries.
His subordinate Demons are: Buer, Gusion and Botis.
High Priestess Maxine; my experience:
Agaliarept wears his jet black hair Egyptian style, shoulder length. He is olive complected, very tall and strongly built. He is rather quiet.


Asmodeus was of the order of Seraphim and he carries the title "King of the Demons." He governs the many realms of pleasure.
He prefers to be summoned bareheaded (without a hat or head covering) and he teaches the arts of astronomy, arithmetic, geomancy and craftmanship. He answers all questions, discovers and guards treasures and gives the ability to read others thoughts. He confers invisibility, and can break up marriages/relationships.
High Priestess Maxine (my experience):
Asmodeus has a human Mother and his Father is a God. He has jet black hair with a braid down his back, and is olive complected. Asmodeus is extremely courteous and very much a gentleman. He is soft spoken with a smooth voice. Asmodeus is a very pleasant Demon.


Fleruty has the power to perform any labor during the night. He can also cause hail stones to fall in any place.
His subordnate Demons are: Bathin, and Eligos

Fleurety has a golden aura with gold guilded wings with white feathers. He is muscular with a fair complexion. He has long curly blonde hair that is below his shoulders.

Lucifuge is also known as "Tarchimache" and Focalor(See)

He has control over all of the wealth and treasures of the world.
His subordinate Demons are: Agares, and Margas.
High Priestess Maxine- my experience:
Lucifuge Rofocal assists those who are newly dedicated to Satanism. He is patient, polite and soft spoken. He has a bald head. He wore a robe of bright shining silver with gold highlights. He is rather quiet. He has a deep voice and a slight accent.


Sargatanas is directly under Astaroth's command. He can open all locks and transport anyone anywhere through astral projection.
HE Confers invisibility and bestows skill at lovemaking.
His subordinate Demons are: Loray, Valefar and Foraii.

**Sargatanas has beautiful golden wings and wore a red robe dusted with gold. He has long blonde hair and light blue eyes and fair skin. He was very quiet.- HP Maxine


Satanachia has profound knowledge of all the planets
He has power over all women and girls and he provides animal familiars.
His subordinate Demons are: Prulas, Amon and Barbatos.
Artwork by Apollus

Abbadon is also known as Apollyon
Rank: Prince of War

Abaddon is an Advisor. He is Lord of the Abyss and King of the Demons.

High Priestess Persephone relates her experience with Abaddon:
He is quite large, I would say at least 8 ft tall. He is stocky, wears a type of battle garb when I see him. He is dark looking with a dark complexion, eyes and hair, along with a moustache

Abigor is also known as the Goetic Demon "Eligor aka Eligos"
rank: Commander of 60 Legions

Abigor is skilled in secrets of war and prophecy.

Abigor has beautiful black wings with white highlights. He has a black aura around his head and large black eyes without irises. He also has two black markings like stripes on his cheeks.

Rank: Grand Chancellor

President of Satan's General Council, Supervisor of Satan's Wardrobe. Adramelech was God of the Avites. These were an ancient people who were brutally massacred to extinction by the israelites under the direction of "yaweh."
High Priestess Maxine; experience:
Adramelech is very tall with jet black hair. His hair is styled with bangs and to the shoulders like in many paintings in Egyptian temples and the pyramids. He has very peircing black eyes and an intense stare. He has fair skin.

Executor of Decrees Handed Down by Satan's Court
Alastor has short light blonde hair, that is wispy. He has light bluish-grey eyes and looks very young. He has white wings and was clothed in white.- HPS Maxine

Anubis is also known as the GOETIC DEMON "IPOS"

Anubis is a giant. He appears to be between nine and ten feet tall and is very well built. He has straight blonde hair to below his ears and tan skin. Anubis is the jackal headed God of the dead. He assists in matters of the dead. He presides over funerals and can be summoned to protect anyone who has been recently deceased. He is a protector and guide for the souls of the dead. (experience from High Priestess Maxine)


Demon of indulgence, he presides over all of the feasts and parties in Hell.


Belial distributes presentations and titles. He reconciles friends and enemies and provides familiars. He helps one get ahead on one's job and to gain a higher position. He brings favors from others, even one's enemies. Belial was Prince of the order of Virtues.
Belial is small and thin. He has platinum blonde hair.

Belphagor is a Demon of ingenius discoveries and wealth. He bestows wealth on those he likes.

Belphagor has blonde Hair, and a muscular build. He usually leaves one with a warm glow after meeting him. He has white wings and very piercing eyes.

Charon ferries souls across the river Styx into Hell.

**Cimeries is also known as the Egyptian God-"Khepera." He is also known by the names "Kheperi" "Khepri" "Kheprer" and "Chepera"
*He stated to a disciple that he prefers to be addressed as "Khepu"

Cimeries bestows strength in spirit and confers courage,
He makes one heroic in battle, teaches literature and finds anything that is lost.He teaches grammar, logic and rhetoric and is the patron of soldiers and military personnel. He also discovers buried treasure.
He has beautiful shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and is well built. He is a very handsome God with a wide wingspan. His wings are golden. He is covered with gold glitter.

Dagon is also known as the GOETIC DEMON "ZAGAN"

Dagon was a God of the Philistines. He is very large like Anubis. He is built like a body builder. He has straight blonde hair, a small mouth with thin lips and bluish-grey piercing eyes. He is a God of agriculture, farming and fertility. He has been known to appear with a horn protruding from his forehead, symbolic of a phallus. He is the patron of farmers and agriculturalists.
(experience from High Priestess Maxine)

Horus is also known as the GOETIC DEMON "PURSON"
He is very fair. He resembles Amon Ra, only he has softer features. He is attended by four other Demons. He is highly respected among the Demons and very high ranking. Very youthful looking, Horus can light up the entire room with his energy when he appears.
(experience from High Priestess Maxine)


Leviathan appears in the form of a huge sea serpent with seven heads and is both male and female, rules over the element of water; the link to the subconscious, dreams and imagination, and is also referred to as the "Chaos Dragon."
Rules over all maritime regions
Patron of sailors and fishermen. Leviathan was a Prince of the order of Seraphim.
**The above was taken from books on Demons. There are many different claims as to who/what "Leviathan" is. Some authors claim Leviathan was a huge spacecraft, others claim the word "Leviathan" is related to the Hebrew Levite priests who guarded the Ark of the Covenant. The name "Levi" "levite" is a further derivitive of the word "levitate." Others claim Leviathan is author H.P. Lovecraft's "Cuthulu." None of the JoS clergy has ever met any entity known as "Leviathan."




The God known as "Mammon"- this is not his real name. "Mammon" is a Hebrew word for money and nothing more. How this name was applied to a Demon/God was through misinterpretation and ignorance. We found in our workings with the Demons, the Greek God Zeus answers to "Mammon."

High Priestess Maxine; experience:
Zeus has short platinum blonde hair with waves and very light bluish-grey eyes. He wears a laurel crown, a white toga and is built stocky.

Mastema is an important Demoness from Ancient Egypt. She rules over and is expert with black magick and sorcery. She has beautiful long blonde shining hair, full of curls and wings of pure gold.
-HPS Maxine

Morax is also known as Foraii, Forfax, Marax and is the Egyptian Goddess "Maat".

Morax teaches astrology, astronomy, the liberal sciences and the magickal uses of stones and herbs.
She also provides familiars. She is the Goddess of order, truth and justice.
She is very respected among the other Demons. She has jet black hair with bangs, olive complected skin and a hair style that appears in Egyptian paintings. She has large white wings and is very tall.
-HP Maxine


Mulciber is Beelzebub's second in command He is the architect and engineer of the city known as Pandemonium. He is highly intelligent and is expert at strategy and warfare. He built and designed Satan's Grand Palace.

Nephthys is the Goetic Demoness "Bathin" and is also known as "Nebthet"

High Priestess Maxine- experience:
Nephthys is the Wife of Set. Like Thoth and Seshat, they often appear together. When Nephthys appears, she is attended by Guardian Demons. She is largely built with lots of long curly blonde hair. Nephthys is very friendly and talkative. She is skilled in magick and words of power and is a healing Goddess. She is also a Goddess of death and like her husband, Set; of Darkness.

Nergal is one of the 7 sons of Satan and is the ruler of the Underworld. His wife is Erishkegal. He has power over the dead.

Nebiros is also known as the Goetic Demon "Neberius aka Cerberus"


He has the power to inflict evil on anyone
He teaches the properties of minerals, metals, vegetables and animals. He possesses the art of prediction and is an adept at necromancy.
High Priestess Maxine- my experience:
Nebiros has a greenish aura. His color is a rich green.

Osiris is also known as the GOETIC DEMON "ORIAS, ORIAX"

Osiris is God of the underworld, death and resurrection. He bestows stability, strength and renewed power after death. Osiris has a deep voice and appears bald with a tatto on his forehead.


Raum creates love and reconciles enemies. He Can destroy a reputation, cities, and/or property. He steals money and brings it to the mage.
He is the Egyptian God "Khnum" also known as Khnemu, Khnoumis, Chnemu, Chnum.
He is a ram-headed God. He appears with a billiant white glow and wears a ram's head mask. He has wings with black and white stripes like a zebra. He wears Egyptian style clothing. His name is an anagram for "Ram" (RAuM). Raum is VERY generous. He bestows telepathy and the ability to communicate with animals. He is a very friendly God.

Scirlin is the one of the messengers of Hell and can be of assistance in summoning other Demons. He represents the authority of Lucifer. SIGIL

Sekhet is also known as Sekhmet, Sechmet, Sekhait, Sekhautet, Sekhem and Sakhmis
Sekhet is a Lion Goddess and is known for her power. She is a warrior and honored Goddess of war and battle.

She has long black wings with red stripes. She has very dark skin and blonde hair with ringlettes. She has a deep and powerful voice.

Seshat is also known as "Sefkhet-Aabut" and "Sesheta"

High Priestess Maxine- experience with Seshat:
Seshat is extremely fair with long light blonde hair and rings of curls. She is extremely beautiful and the Wife of Thoth. She accompanies him and assists him in many projects. She is the Egyptian Goddess of intellect and a scribe like her husband. She is the Goddess of literature and libraries. She ruled over all of the ancient libraries in Egypt. There are times she fills in for Thoth when he is busy. Those of us who have worked with Thoth and Seshat, see them together or sometimes Seshat will come to us in place of her husband who is always extremely busy. Thoth is about the busiest of all the Demons.

**also kown as the Goetic Demon "SITRI,"** Seth, Sethi, Sit, Sut, Sutekh. Set is the Egyptian Lord of Darkness. He is one of the 7 sons of Satan.

High Priestess Maxine (my experiences with Set):
He is dark complected with jet black hair. When I performed energy work with him, at first he had rubbery dark brown wings. When he was freed, they bolted into beautiful soft black feathery wings like a raven. He wears a long black satin robe. He was very kind, soft spoken and left me with a strong energetic feeling of peace. He has beautiful energy. He definitely represents darkness. Set's Wife is the Goddess Nephthys. They can sometimes appear together.

Sorath is a God of the Sun. He is said to have been Adolf Hitler's Personal Guardian Demon and advisor.

Sorath rules the current of energy that deals with the "id", of the human psyche, altered states of consciousness, thought-forms, elementals, hallucinogens, "the unexplained, unexpected, and unknown" -- and "miracles". Sorath is "The Closer", while Azazel is "The Opener". Sorath The Great God does not like everybody for He is the Embodiment of the Everlasting Black Burning Sun alit as night to an everlasting day. His number is seven, he presides over the Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac of which there exists only One; and His time is any Moon Void of Course. `` He Rules from the North.
The mind is very tricky, especially the part we magicians use. The God portion of the mind can do absolutely anything. Satan trusts His own, none else with this power. It will not activate for anyone, and if it does it will do so as a terrifying lesson to those who are without which attempt to harness The Power. I get "The Closer" part now. Sorath presides over the "unknowable mind" current of energy and is the God over the energy emitted by every Sun in the Universe. Then he rules the center of magnetism, and factor of life for all. Also photogenes and solar power of all kinds. Sorath said that all Suns in the Universe affect us not just ours. Northern fire -- the Sun above. Lastly miracles are not something Gods cause to happen. The Gods are beyond that. Their world is past the need or understanding of what a miracle is. Miracles come from US. What is a miracle to one may curse another; what is lost can be found by another for example.
-High Priest Salem Burke

Sorath is of the Nordic Race of Gods. He is tall, and has light blonde long hair.
-High Priestess Maxine

THOTH aka Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman), Tehuti, Ningishzidda, Quetzalcoatl (Central America).

**The above information was dictated from Thoth, personally.

Thoth is a very high ranking and important Demon. He is one of the 7 sons of Satan. He is the great trickster. He is the most brilliant and intellectual of the Gods. He is very likable, extremely charismatic and friendly. He is the busiest of all of the Demons and it can be difficult to get him to appear in a summoning unless one is of importance to him. His wife is Seshat. She often fills in for him when he cannot be present.
Thoth is the True Father of healing and medicine. He is a Patron of doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital workers, healers and all of those who work in the medical profession.

All of us who have seen and interacted with Thoth agree he is tall, muscular, very well built with thick golden blonde hair and blue eyes. He is fair skinned. He wears his hair combed back and in a braid like Asmodeus, both have hair past their shoulders.


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