Poem to Satan

We travel out to distant lands
To escape the Xians bloody hands
We sit with father side by side
Our souls are gifted we never die
We are giving love and swear our lives
To help our brothers break there strive
Father Satan gives his love
And sends us to worlds up above

We knew not of the pain inside
Until we saw through fathers eyes
The suffering, lies and death
The blood upon the xian breaths
They captured us through mind control
They took our souls and ate them whole

But then we dedicated to loving gods
And rejected the lying xian sods
We were filled with love, beuty and grace
Now we astral project through time and space

We know his love we don't know fear
We know that our victory is already here
We will strike the nazarene to firey abyss
We blow them deaths cold dark kiss
We stand in the love of fathers eyes
As we see our enemies slowly die.

- Darkest Blessings JD