Initiation Prayer for the Satanic Priesthood

Hear me Father Satan,
I pray to you that you may deem me worthy as I vow myself to thy service, that I may carry out your works in accordance with your desires. I humbly petition thee, that I may serve as a medium for your word, both written and spoken, that you may communicate through me and guide me to always act in accordance with your will.

I ask that you may grant me your wisdom, support, guidance and protection. It is my heartfelt desire, deep within my soul to honor you in all things. I proclaim that you alone, Father Satan are GOD of GODS, rightful ruler of the universe. You alone are the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD, the ALMIGHTY and MOST HIGH.

I confirm and renew my dedication and sole allegiance to you. Let only you call me when my time is at hand. NO other power shall take what I have given freely to you, with my deepest love, respect and honor.

You who are called "death" by some, have shown me life. You who are known by many names, I know you.

Deliver me O Mighty Satan from all past error and delusion, having vowed myself to thy service, may I never weaken in my resolve, but with thy assistance, grow in strength, wisdom and understanding that I may forever perform and carry out your works with a burning desire.

I am of you and I am with you in all ways. Steel me, harden me, render me impervious against the enemy in all of his forms and manifestations, that I may continualy expose him and act to effectively destroy him.

Render me as a terror unto his sheep, that I may instill in them fear, doubt and confusion and that I will expose them in their erring ways.

Enlighten me with your wisdom and truth. It is my heartfelt desire that my faith, devotion and dedication to you will continually grow and strengthen in power, proving undefeatable and reigning truiumphant over all.

I ask this in your name, O Mighty Lord Satan; may you deem me worthy, Father.

(Sign your name)