Occult Power in the Brain

The pineal gland is the part of the brain that empowers what is known as the "sixth sense" and other paranormal abilities. It is also the center of bliss sensations. The pineal gland is defunct in the average person. A defunct pineal gland is analagous to a severed spinal cord where the brain cannot send messages to move the body parts beneath the area that has been severed. The only difference is it affects the soul.

Through the centuries, because of Christianity and its related "religions," humanity has devolved and degenerated spiritually. This is why the human race as a whole is psychically powerless. The goal of the Christian Church always has been to keep humanity without knowledge, and without power. Any time the Christian Church took control of an area, the ancient records were removed and/or destroyed. The church then replaced the knowledge it removed, with lies and a fictitious history. This is why the human race is where it is at today spiritually. Depression, illness, misery, helplessness and ignorance are the results of the loss of this knowledge. The average person only uses 5-10% of his/her mind power. This is analagous to a limb that has been immobilized in a cast and is stiff and withered, only worse. Humanity has been denied access to psychic powers through a generational lack of use and has all but lost them.

In order to activate the pineal gland, power meditations must be must done regularly. It takes time to empower this gland and to activate it and use it.
The pineal gland works in conjunction with the pituitary gland. Both of these glands are stimulated through the opening of the crown meditation.

The Pineal and Pituitary adapt and lower the frequency of bioelectrical currents. They are psychic energy transformers. Psychic energy enters through the higher chakras, and descends down through the crown chakra where it enters the pineal gland in the brain. As it enters the brain, the rate of vibration is slowed down. An active pineal gland acts as a transformer that further slows down the energy to a lower frequency. The energy then enters and moves from the hypothalamus region of the brain into the pituitary gland. The pituitary further transforms the energy to an even lower frequency so that it can be assimilated and read by the brain.
Humanity as a whole is operating on a low frequency. Power meditation and spinning our chakras speeds up this vibration to a higher level where we are psychically open and aware. A higher vibration also protects us against illnesses and negative energy.

The Corpus Callosum works to exchange information between both hemispheres of the brain. Most humans do not use the right side of the brain, as we live in a left-brained world. Void meditation silences the left side of thinking and logic, and opens us to the right side, which is the intuitive/psychic side.

Light is essential to the soul. So much negativeness has been associated with light because of the abuse of RHP religions and the new age movement. Light is connected with lightening which is symbolic of the creation and is an age old symbol of Satan; the lightening bolt. We can travel on light and use light for our own purposes.

Unlike other religions, Satanism and science work together. We experience, we see and we understand. Satan explains things.


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