The Truth About Extra-Terrestrials

When I was new, I asked Satan during a ritual "Who are you?" I had no clue. I believed him to be some sort of spirit, but the voices in my head and my interaction with him indicated he is a real being. Very soon after in less than 24 hours following the ritual, I came across the Luciferian Liberation Front.I knew this was an answer to my question.

I have spent years studying a variety of occult subjects. In addition, I have had many experiences and have learned from the experiences of others, both clergy and laity. The evidence of alien extra-terrestrials is overwhelming. In the Egyptian images and monoliths, the pyramids are spaced and directed towards the constellation of Orion and the spaces between the pyramids correlate with the distance of the stars in the belt of Orion.¹

The Judeo/Xian Bible is chock full of BLATANT UFO activity. Many deluded individuals believe the xian "god" to be a perfect force, above the comprehension of any human being. The truth is- the Judeo/Xian bible REPEATEDLY describes a jealous, wrathful, spiteful and hateful being- Yaweh/Jehova, with emotions no different from that of humans, though more negative in comparison. The indifference to suffering indicates cruelty. The alien entity is aware of the human emotions of wrath, anger, hatred and jealousy resulting in wars, murder and genocide that most human beings strive to avoid. The concept of "love" here is not understood and is missing. To the xian entity, it is merely a word used for control, nothing more. The entity, is obviously devoid of any sublime emotions, does not understand the concept of "love." On one hand, the entity claims "love" for his followers, and on the other hand, with the slightest offense, this "love" can damn one to eternal burning and torture in a "lake of fire." This is very alien to say the least. The Old Testament books, especially Genesis and Exodus are chock full of crimes against humanity such as the mass murder this entity perpetrated even against his own on a whim.

It is a given, that everyone familiar with UFO's and aliens, knows greys and reptilians are devoid of emotion. Also, it is recorded in the xian bible, when Moses asked to see "god's" face- the alien replied that no one could see him face to face- (Exodus 33: 20-23). Obviously, this being does not resemble a human being.

Many of us have seen Satan. He has nothing to hide. Satan and his Demons, (as well as some of the "angels" of the xian bible and their cohorts) are of the aliens they call "Nordics." Aleister Crowley's "Illustrated Goetia" published by DuQuette, Hyatt and Wilson, second edition, © 2000, has numerous illustrations. The illustrations of "Lucifuge Rofocal" and "Vassago" show beings with large bulbous heads. Now Lucifuge Rofocal is one of my Guardian Demons. I have seen him. He has a large bulbous head. He is obviously a hybrid of grey. He is friendly and has emotion, as a hybrid mix is unique. Valefor also is a Grey/Nordic hybrid. He has the large head, with greenish complexion; Clistheret who is a female is the same. I have never seen Vassago, but the illustration in the book supports what many of us have seen.

Nordics are frequently seen accompanied by greys. These Nordics are those who are normally hostile to humanity. Azazel told me "they are abominable" (referring to the greys, when I asked about them communicating with him on a Ouija Board).

I strongly suggest those of you who are skeptics to read: "The Day After Roswell" by Colonel Philip J. Corso, US Army, retired ©1997. The author exposes the entire story, with names, dates, facts and documents released under the freedom of information act. He was personally in charge of the Roswell files under the Army Research and Development at the Pentagon directly under Lieutenant General Arthur G. Trudeau and was actively involved in the planning of project HORIZON.

Corso explains the reality behind the "Cold War" where the USA and the USSR amassed nuclear weapons capable of destroying the Earth five times over. If either side employed these, mutual suicide for the entire planet would be the result. The truth is- both world powers were well aware of the alien threat, which in reality is a hostile one that threatens the life of everything and everyone on this planet. This is the reason human attempts to establish any meaningful contact with these entities have met with evasion. Both the USA and USSR worked behind the scenes to develop defense technology, not to be used on each other, as the media falsely claimed to shape public opinion and to delude the masses, but to be used in defense of the Earth from a potential alien attack. This was also the main reason for the Apollo Moon Mission in 1969. This mission was not just space exploration. The defense dept was interested in establishing a base on the Moon that would act as a reconnaissance post for the Earth. The large number of satellites orbiting the Earth serves the same purpose, that of protection.

Corso concludes the book with documents. He explains how the technology recovered from the crash landing of the alien spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 was salvaged and clandestinely distributed by the US Army to various civilian laboratories who employed top scientists. These scientists used reverse engineering to develop the high level of technology we have today. This technology enabled the building of the "stealth bomber" and other high tech military weapons used to deter the aliens from invading the Earth.

The point is- we were successful in deterring them physically, but not psychically. Their strong telepathic influence is felt. The Christian religion and its cohorts provide these entities with the psychic energy they need. Close examination of the Roswell craft and the autopsies performed on the five greys who piloted the delta shaped UFO revealed their parasitical nature. The description of the entity called the "ALL" in the book "The Watchers" by Raymond E. Fowler, also supports the parasitical nature of these creatures that are devoid of emotion and how they thrive on the energy of souls. These creatures have tampered with genetic engineering and alteration to where they no longer have any genitals, sexual procreation, emotions or physical strength.

The examination of the alien craft revealed no controls, no on/off switches or visible circuits within the craft, only indentations shaped as the aliens' hand prints, like a hand print in wet cement outside of Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. These were where the aliens placed their hands, becoming an integrated part of the craft. They navigated the craft by using their own bioelectricity, powerful telepathy and telekinesis. The adjustable bands they placed on their heads to navigate the craft acted as thought amplifiers.
Army officers upon examining them, placed them in position on their heads and the devices induced vivid colors, hallucinations and resulted in "searing headaches." In addition, they found that these bands stimulated various areas of the brain.

"The Watchers" by Raymond E. Fowler is very revealing concerning the grey involvement in the xianity scam and exposes "the one." *See "Jesus of Borg".

Most people are not aware of the higher purpose of Satanism. The Earth has been the target of a soul farm.² Satan is the "Liberator of Humanity."

Xianity and its cohorts are a hoax. Satan and his Demons are here to help us get out from under the position of being used as energy livestock in a slaughterhouse for alien consumption. The enemy Nordics who saw no use for humanity, following the completion of the mining project, sought to follow plan and have us all destroyed. Nephilim that "took wives" and taught humanity, such as Azazel and Set, were banished, cursed and condemned.

(The above illustration depicts Set teaching a human how to use a bow and arrow).

We are dealing with entities that have more psychic power, technology, intelligence and knowledge than we do. They don't age as we do; they have the knowledge and technology to have modified their DNA. Satan is over half a million years old. One can only imagine that to continue learning, experiencing life and empowering one's self for even 1,000 years, the level of knowledge and ability that would be reached; combine that with extremely advanced technology.

For those of you who believe in spooks and are skeptic, I strongly suggest you read the above books, along with "Extra-Terrestrials Among Us" by George C. Andrews. "The Day After Roswell" reveals everything from the cover-up, to the promotion of yellow journalism stories to the real truth behind the "Star Wars" of the Regan Administration and the "Cold War."

This was largely a distraction and an excuse. Why would two world powers manufacture hundreds of nuclear warheads that would obliterate the entire Earth and result in mutual suicide?

For many years, these ignorant spiritually deluded new age idiots have been crowing on and on concerning the "sins" of humanity and how we are a threat to the universe with our nuclear weapons and our aggression, while all those extra-terrestrials are so goddamned wonderful. They claim they scout our military and weapons bases out of a altruistic concern for all life in the universe as we have become a threat to them resulting from our sinful ways. WRONG.

These aliens have kept our defense systems under surveillance to see where we are at and just how vulnerable we are to a mass invasion. The USA and Russia both know this. These aliens have continually and aggressively acted to prevent us from space exploration, jamming our launch vehicles, satellites, causing mechanical problems and even preventing a few from being thrust into orbit. They have acted to jam our signals with buzzing and other electronic intervention. Their shooting across our radar detectors, creating blips and encouraging our air force to tail them; they are testing the speed of our aircraft and our maneuverability. They want to know exactly where we are technologically. These greys played cat and mouse games, and edged ever closer until there was a response. They have also attempted to disrupt worldwide communication and our defenses through electrical and magnetic field interference.

Their employment of night vision devices would have been an advantage. The defense dept now has these and many other military technologies that are a threat to them. The USA and Russia planned in case of an alien attack, only half of the Earth would be sacrificed, if one nation was knocked out, the other could cover.

General Douglas McArthur remarked to the New York Times in 1955 that the threat comes from out there. "The nations of the world will have to unite for the next war will be an interplanetary war."

An alien base was seen on the Moon by astronaut Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 fly-over and landing. Mercury 7 astronauts as have many others been tailed by UFO's. "They didn't just shadow or track our aircraft in orbit; they buzzed us and tried to create such havoc with our communications systems that NASA more than once had to rethink astronaut safety in the Mercury and Gemini programs." The Apollo moon-landing program was ultimately abandoned because there was no way to protect our astronauts from alien threats.

"The alien spacecraft were also aggressively buzzing our frontline defenses in Eastern Europe, either looking for blind spots or weaknesses; probing our radar to see how quickly we responded. While never disclosing it publicly, military intelligence analysts supported the view that Earth was already under some form of probing attack by one or more alien cultures that were testing both our ability and resolve to defend ourselves."

"Our only successes in defending against them, back in the 1950's and 1960's, occurred when we were able to get a firm tracking radar lock. Then when we locked our targeting radars on, the signals that missiles were supposed to follow to the target, it somehow interfered with their navigational ability, and the vehicles flight became erratic. If we were especially fortunate and able to boost the signal before they broke away, we could actually bring them down. Sometimes we actually got lucky enough to score a hit with a missile before the UFO could take any evasive action, which an Army air defense battalion did with an anti-aircraft missile near Ramstein Air force base in Germany in May of 1974. The spacecraft managed to crash-land in a valley. The craft was retrieved and flown back to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. The Roswell crash was different. There was much speculation that it was a combination of the desert lightening storm and our persistent tracking radars at Alamogordo and the 509th that helped bring down the alien vehicle over the New Mexico desert in 1947."

The new age focus on love, love, love and three fold bullshit and everything else. This is nothing more than a close relative of xianity that renders those who are stupid and deluded enough to follow it, helpless.

Satan and his Demons are trying to help us. The greys possess tremendous telepathic ability and the devices to amplify it. The xian and RHP religions are a fraud. People are stupid and deluded.


¹The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids
by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert.

² The Gods of Eden by William Bramley