The "War in Heaven"

There was a "war in heaven" i.e., outer space. Satan and the Elder Gods lost a battle in this war because they were outnumbered. In more advanced worlds, warfare is spiritual and involves the use of psychic energy and the soul. Satan and the Elder Gods were cursed.

The enemy proceeded directly to Egypt, the center of spiritual knowledge and learning, following the destruction of Atlantis, and attacked the people therein. This was in an attempt to destroy the old religious order. Libraries were burned and decimated and places of knowledge, temples, schools and the like were burnt to the ground with the intentions of destroying all memories of the Elder Gods.

Pagan Priests and Priestesses were murdered en masse. The Judeo/Christian Bible emerged on the scene following this. The Bible was written to create and enforce a fictitious past and was infused with an incredible amount of psychic power so these lies would be believed.

There is much evidence of blatant UFO activity. Paintings of greys are in some of the temples and pyramids of Egypt. Scroll to the middle of the page of the above link, where you see the photo of the pyramid and look at the photos beneath.

As for Islam, the Nazarene’s followers had not done a thorough enough job in working to destroy the past. Gabriel (who has been a frequent alien visitor to earth) with an agenda for the destruction of humanity, appeared to Mohammed and dictated the teachings of Islam. Gabriel instructed that everyone was to be converted to Islam. This resulted in more bloodshed and slaughter, wars and misery than all of the political wars put together. The Xians were taught to resist outside teachings and to be aware of false prophets. This served more than one purpose for the aliens. It not only damned people technologically and spiritually, but also incited mass murder and bloodshed resulting from the wars that ensued and one can be sure, these wars were psychically influenced by the aliens who controlled those who succumbed to their false teachings. Here is more evidence of UFO activity as seen in ancient paintings of the nazarene and his ilk.


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