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6-08-2002 : Well, believe it or not, (And I really hope you do,) we have another soul to swell our evergrowing army of the undead... um, I mean, another author on the site. His name is James Melba, so check out his unique Jazz stylings... Personally, I dont understand it, but hey, I'm dumb.

28-07-2002 : Hooray! Our first story contribution is in! Happy day! I am, as Oscar Wilde once said, very quite pleased at this, because its not just any old story, its a cracker. Anyway, read it, it's called Dragon Song, and it's by Zoe!
There isn't too much else to report at the minute. The two remaining sections of the site will take time to implement... Busy busy busy...

The Writers Couch
Great stories, poems, and more features than you can shake a stick at. Go there and see that I'm right.
Zelda's Dragon
Super-talented writer of stories and poems, ace photographer and super-hero by night, Zoe.

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