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              ThE oFFiciAL GuiDe To pOOoooo >_<                   

THE GHOST POO: The kind of poo where you feel it come out and you know you've done it,
but when you wipe there is nothing on the paper and there is no poo in the toilet.  

THE TEFLON POO: The sort of poo which is so smooth and streamlined that it virtually falls out of your bottom.
You can see poo in the toilet but there is nothing on the toilet paper. 
THE HOT TAR POO: The kind of poo where even after 50 wipes you are still getting staining on the paper
so you have to put some bog roll between your bum cheeks and in your underwear to prevent skid marks. 

 THE SECOND THOUGHT POO: Just as you think you've finished your poo and have painstakingly wiped yourself clean 
and pulled your pants up to the knees, you realize there is still some more poo to come.  

THE LINCOLN LOG: The kind of poo that's so huge you're afraid that it will not flush down the toilet
unless you break it up into little pieces with the bog brush.
This poo only happens when you are at somebody else's house. 

 THE SWEET*CORN POO: Self explanatory. 

THE "I WISH I COULD POO" POO: You really feal as if you need a poo but every time you try to dump your load,
all you manage is a couple of farts. 

THE SIDE BIRTH POO: This poo hurts so much that you swear it's coming out sideways,
your eyes water and you will probably need stitches. 
 THE FISHERMAN'S BOBBER POO: You do your poo and flush two times but
there is still a floater at the water line. 

THE SULTANA POO: This type of poo is really frustrating.
You get yourself prepared for a "SIDE BIRTH" and spend about half an hour sweating it out on the bog,
but all you manage in the end is a small plop resembling a sultana. 


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