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Here's a list of Some Qios-ae that may be used. To read about Qios-ae refer to Lesson 1. Not all Qios-ae are listed right now but there are more to be added as this page progresses.


Déjà vu - ….déjà vu (from french)
Howie- Turtle Dove.
Innocenzio- innocent (from italian).
Iiom- My enemies are many.
Isla- Island.
Jendaya- Thank you.
Jericho- City of the moon.
Jarita- Earthen water jug, I have found water.
Jaron- He will sing, He will cry out.
Ligongo-Who is this?
Lokni- The roof is leaking.
Mayon-I believe in God.
Maje- Okay.
Metoloydumondochiwan- How are you (formal).
Mona- He is not here right now.
Musoke- I see a rainbow.
Nadidah- Equal to anyone else.
Nangwaya- Don’t mess with me!
Napayshni- He does not flee.
Nenet- He/she almost drowned. (from egyptian)
Nkunda- He loves those who hate him.
Nnamid- His father’s name lives on.
Obadele- The king arrives at the house.
Ogbay- Don’t take him from me.
Ogbonna, -o - image of his/her father/mother.
Otu- Collecting seashells in a basket.
Pipely- Hello
Qio- Word that stands for an entire phrase.
Radnor- City of red sands, this city has suffered from war.
Rosi- How are you? (to a girl)
Rune- How are you? (to a boy)
Thy- Odd verb.
Tiylia- Dew from heaven, Happy Birthday!
Tyrhie- Please.
Ylie- What is your name?