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About Shehzadi

I'm a second year student a the U of A and at Grant MacEwan in the Bachelor of Education program (secondary route). My major is Spanish and my minor is Japanese ( I'm thinking of changing it to biological sciences though). Technically I live with my parents, but i practically live at SUB. I'm a manager at a Dairy Queen (I'm not telling you which one), and i own a really crappy little '88 Mazda 626 (but I love it anyway!). And I just got back from Mexico, so I'll be putting a pic of me in mexico up here pretty soon, k?


k, for a little bit extra about me i got this out of one of my old emails and filled it out for you:

SIMPLE QUESTIONS (updated 02/18/06):

1. Full name: If you're lucky enough, i just might tell you ;-)

2. online aliases: Deloschte, Atmanatoh, Shehzadi, Dakara, Addina

3. Eyes: blue

4. Height: 5'7"ish

Hair: blonde

5. Siblings: 3 of 'em

6. Do u like to sing in the shower? no, but i sing in my car (and quite loudly too!)

7. Birthday: 10/05/85

8. Star signer/rapper: singer? does phil collins count?

9. Address: by edmonton

10. Sex: female! yay!

11. Right or left handed: right

12. What do you want in a relationship most: to have fun! (and you can interpret that in anyway that you want! ^_^)

13. status: Procrastinating

14. Do you have a car? yup

15. What kind of car do you have/want? i have an 88 mazda 626... want a 2006 toyota yaris hatchback.

16. Favorite song right now: "Red Flag" by Billy Talent

17. favourite place to be: Tofino

18. Band/singer/rapper: U2

19. TV Show: That 70s Show or TNG

20. Actor: Joaquin Phoenix, sean bean, edward norton, johnny depp, chow yun fat, liam neeson.... and a few others.

21. Actress: My little sister

22. Food: nalysnyki

23. Number: 6

24. Cartoon: The Flintstones

25. Disney Character: Stitch

26. Color: green and gold! (GO BEARS!)

27. Do you plan on having children: yup

28. Do you want to get married: yup

30. How old do you want to be when your married: not too young.... and I've never heard of anyone being too old to get married so....

31. Would you have kids before marriage: if i adopted them

32. Do you have a b/f or g/f: nope!

33. Music/TV: movies!

34.Guys/Girls: depends

35. Green/blue: blue

36. Pink/Purple: purple!

37. Summer/Winter: Autumn actually....

38. Night/Day: Night

39. Hangin Out/Chillin: hangin out!

40. Dopey/Funny: funny

41. Weird saying you have? "Shiney!"

42. what school do u go to? GMC and UofA

43. Have you ever taken drugs? Caffeine

44. What's a major turn on for you? Wouldn't YOU like to know! LOL!

45. How far would you go on a first date? within the city limits is fine

Of your friends:

A) most blond(e): Uh me

B) Best person: afty, joie, graham, john

D) Funniest: Afton

E) Happiest: john

F) Strangest: Scott

G) Most Caring: Afton, Joie

H) Smartest: Afton

I) BeSt pErSoNaLiTy: this is an unfair question....

J) BeSt aLL aRoUnD pErSoN: didn't they ask this one already?

47. Which 5 people would u trust the most? afton, john, i dunno.....

48. What do you think of soul mates? soul mates aren't always the best people

49. Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/g/f? No it isn't

50. What was the last thing u cried over or got teary about? um... a religious debate that I had with my grandma over the weekend

51. What is something that most people don't know about you? I used to live in Mexico, and I'm 50% english

52. Are you happy? right now? not really.

54. What's an object you can't live without? my journal!

55. Love or lust: both

56. Silver or gold: silver

57. Diamond or pearl: Diamond

58. Sunset or sunrise: sunset

59. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping: oh yeah!

60. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: yup

61. Do you have any piercings? not besides my ears

... What color underpants are you wearing right now: pink and white

62. What r u listening to rite now? typing

64. What are the last four digits of your phone number? 0982

65. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon? scotland

66. Who do u want to spend the rest of your life with? Someone with a british accent! :D

67. Football/soccer: in europe those are the same things...

68. What makes you happy? travelling

69. Do u wear contacts or glasses? glasses. i have conacts but i never wear them.

70. What's the best advice given to you? why high school sweethearts rarely work out (msg me if you want to know)

71. Have u ever won any special awards? does one from space camp count?

72. What are your future goals? To be a teacher and to learn a whole bunch of languages

73. Worst sickness you ever had? pneumonia and bronchitis

74. On the phone or in person? in person

75. Hugs or Kisses? both!

76. What song seems to reflect you the most? dunno

77. If you died tomorrow who would you leave everything to?? afty?

78. Do u have any enemies? yup.

79. What is your greatest fear? going blind, going deaf, or failing one of my classes this term

80. Would you rather be rich or famous? famous

81. What time is it in Alabama: i dunno!

82. Have you ever been in love? several times.

83. Have you met Santa? Yes i have

84. If E.T. knocked on your door holding up a peace sign asking to use your phone what would you do? ask him to teach me how to speak E.T.

85.When was the last time u talked about how u REALLY feel with someone u can trust? yesterday

86. Do you have any pets: a hedgehog named Barbie

87.Whats your email address? once again, you might find out if you're lucky!

88. Last time you were depressed? June

89. Are you an alcoholic? haha! no!

90. Who sent this to you? Dustin.... back before he dumped me for Miss Model

91. What do you think of this person: Pretty Foolish.

92. hottest actor/actress? orlando bloom or sean bean

93. Do u believe in love at first sight? no

94. Which is better, League or Union? union

95. Name all your friends? i don't feel like it

96. What would you do if a person of the same sex tried to hit on you? depends on the person

97. What religion are you? Christian

98. Do you agree with religions?: yup

99. Are you one of those people who wait for things to happen, or go out and make things happen? Both

100. Whatcha doing this summer? Going to mongolia

Likes (or just more stuff about me in general):

-Star Trek, TNG

-Star Wars (exception: Episode II)


-Harry Potter books

-LOTR Trilogy





-Watching movies

-Writing in my journal (I'm addicted to writing in my journal)

-Chocolate Ice Cream


-East Asian Art


-Cauliflower and Cheese Feasts (inside joke alert!)


-Hello Kitty

-The colors Pink and Yellow

Favorite Book: The Secret Garden

Favorite Movie Producer: Ridley Scott

Favorite Movie: Kingdom of Heaven

Languages I speak: English, Spanish, Fou

Languages I'm currently learning: more Spanish, German, Japanese

Languages I want to learn: Mandarin, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, Mongolian (don't ask...), Arabic, Latin, Greek, Irish Gaelic, Russian, Hindi, Italian, French, American Sign Language, Thai, Polish, Korean, and Cantonese.

What I asked for for Christmas last year:

-A new journal

-the textbook for the next level of japanese I'm gonna take this spring/summer (so I can study it ahead... yeah i know, I'm a dork)

-space heater

-socks and underwear

Places I want to travel to:





Eventually I'll put a link on this page to my website, but I'm still working on it, so for the moment, this page is all you get. Oh yeah, and sorry about the banners and stuff...Angelfire imposes them on me in return for free web hosting. One of my friends once found an html code that removes them. I'll ask him about it later and try to get them all removed for you....