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Lesson Three - Indirect Pronouns

In this lesson we learn how to do something to someone else. Eg: i see you. the 'you' in this example is the indirect pronoun. The indirect pronouns in niue are the same as the pronouns except that the 'hl' of the pronouns are replaced with 'st'. then they are added to the end of the pronoun with a dash.

List of indirect pronouns:

hly-->sty      hley-->stey
hle-->ste      hlay-->stay
hla-->sta      hles-ae-->stes-ae
hlo-->sto      hlas-ae-->stas-ae

Let's use...Cannibalism in the next example! lol.

Eg: He Eats them. (verb "to eat"=stomoth)
    hla-stas-ae stomoa.

Eg: Hannibal eats you.
    Hannibal hla-ste stomoa  *note how a name was put
                              into the sentance with
                              the pronoun.

Eg: You don't eat it
    hle-sta stomoe-gett.

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