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Welcome Lords and Ladies to the official website of Roplga! Here you can make a new character, check up on NPC's you've met recently, read up on some of the places you've been, and most importantly, check what has happened during our most recent sessions, just in case you forgot what happened last week.


8/5/03- Update- If a player wants to retire a character, (before level 20) for roleplaying purposes (character becomes elected mayor, character becomes immortal, etc) they can dispose of a character and make a new one at only 1 level under the highest character they next travel with, instead of the normal 3 levels under. New characters can only be made in this manner for roleplaying reasons, (DM's disgression)

7/26/03- Just so you all know I added a maps section. Check out the unexplored continents of Grypharia and Northrell. Perhaps where more swords are hidden? Hmm...

7/24/03- Update- I have finished, and added the Paladin, Evil spell list. Enjoy!

7/24/03- *NEW* Participate in the *dramatic music* Roleplaying Contest!!! First prize is 25 in-character gold!!! Don't miss out!

7/23/03- ATTENTION: When I get my basement cleaned out, that will be our new gaming place. I will hold one gaming session a week (every saturday 12-5 for example) and that will be the only time we play all week. I think a stable time and a stable place will fix a lot of schedualing problems we've been having. If you come, you play, if you don't come, we would still play, because I'd always be there, and I'm usually the DM. Another idea I'm throwing up in the air is if everyone brought $1 a week (thats $4 a month), then before every gaming session I could go out and buy food and drink, but that would only be if people were willing to pay.

Most Recent Session

8/11/03- Jom woke up one morning and Zeph was missing, along with all of her things. She began to worry but later recieved a message from him saying he was alright, he had just been having dreams that he needed to go and see if they were real or not. After a few days Zeph came home, accompanied by a dark man named Tadash. After quite a large fight between Jom and Zeph (mostly Jom was doing the fighting), and several trips to the Hall fo Truth. Jom couldn't get out of Zeph exactly where he had gone. Tadash later told Serenla that they had met while Zeph was seeking out a dream he had had. Zeph told Serenla in private that he had actually gone to look for the perfect wedding gift, as well as a good honeymoon spot.

Jom still had her suspicions but who wouldnt? Especially considering that Coinspinner was missing, but Zeph denied any knowlege of where the sword might be. Upon scrying for the sword she found her crystal ball broken, which she also blamed Zepheria for (can you feel the love?) So eventually, after much cooling down on Jom's part, the gang decided to teleport around and look for anything interesting. They didnt dare go confront Rastlin, Mephetis or Wood, since they all had swords that were one step ahead of them.

They stopped in Tristam to check on the temple to Spencer, which seemed to be going well. They went to a few other towns as well, but nothing incredibly interesting. Jom decided then to teleport to The Turtle Monastary with just Zeph to try and adopt a baby. Jom wandered off and said hello to Tirathia but she was pulled aside by Zepheria. Upon getting somewhere private, Zepheria pulled out his sword and attempted to attack Jom! She quickly teleported into the temple and went to Tirathia for help.

Upon teleporting back, Tadash was standing with Zeph and they seemed very calm. Tirathia questioned Zepheria about his behavior and concluded it was demons. The two teleported to the Hall of Truth and Jom began firing question after question at Zepheria. They were both informed by a servant that there were two men fighting nearby, but they were too busy too bother with that right then. Zeph kept darting around the issue and eventually made a run for it.

Outside the castle, Jom managed to get Zeph in her bag of holding after cursing him so he could no longer use his legs. Tadash could be seen flying towards the two and reached them just as Zeph cut himself out of the bag with Sightblinder. Tadash suggested they all go into the hall of truth and discuss this. They reached the Hall of Truth and once Zeph calmed down he told Jom everything that had happened. He had been posessed by demons and could not control himself. Later, it was thought it might have been the work of Rastlin, since he may have the power to control demons.

Serenla, Tadash and Zeph raced to see the fight 5 minutes away from the castle. They were suprised to see Mephetis and Rastlin themselves duking it out. (See the fight here). In the end, Rastlin emerged victorious. Taking Mindsword and Townsaver for himself. He now controlled Mindsword, Soulcutter, Townsaver, and Wayfinder. After he left, Mephetis came alive again, apparently raised by his God, and flew off.

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