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Val's Rescue Rats

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Update!!! January 27!!!

The new pictures are HERE!

Okay, I don't believe anyone wants my rats because they are part wild. So be it. I will be adding a page with pictures and differences in wild and domestic. I will also be watching my half and half rats to see if they develope any illnesses or tumors. Maybe that would be the solution to breeding out the illnesses of domestic? I did lose one of the babies at 3 months. I believe she had a heart attack. She just dropped. So stay tuned!

I still have 14 available males and 7 available females up for adoption.
I have beige, black, agouti and fawn hooded, fawn, beige, black and agouti berkshire. They are 4 and 5 months old.
I will be charging $5 for each rat.
Donations aren't desperately needed anymore. but if you have any t-shirts or sweatshirts you don't need anymore I would gratefully except them.

And a BIG thankyou to everyone who has donated items and advice!! And to those who have adopted!!


Updated January 27, 2003

Valerie Rubner
Henniker, NH