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Life supposed to be simple, all so simple that it seems like meaningless...

White Life Paper

Life is just like a simple white paper,
It doesn't smell, it doesn't have taste…
It is just white, it is just simple…
It is all about what you take of it,
What kind of materials you put on,
And what color you prefer
To make your life becomes a beautiful and expressive art.
It can be colored blue, it can be drawn red,
It can be painted white, it can be dyed black…
This is just your life, you are in control.
You can decorate it with your choice,
It is just your life.
No one should be coloring it other than you,
This is something that is command and control totally by you.
Do you want to be a white paper?
A paper that everyone will want to take a look?
A paper that everyone want to love it?
Or a paper that no one would want it?
This is your life, your choice,
By the color that you choose to put on it!

So, this boy took this risk, and filled his life with all different kind of colors.
But should he have done that or should he just left it simple?

(From the answer of a friend, simplicity seemed to worth more...)


And then, the story goes...