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Tinny, here is some quotes that I find (or I wrote) for your birthday!

"I will ask the wind to sing for you,
And the star to shine in Blue,
'Cause it's a sweet birthday for you."

"You are not Tiny, You are not Evil,
You are just the Birthday girl!"

"Your dream will finally come true,
As sky will become the lovely blue."

The best thing I ever heard from you:
(which I was informed that you copy that from Helen)

The most regular thing I ever heard from you:
"hi, ah goh!" (that's what you said every single time!)

"Unable to Stop talking online has suddenly become wordless offline!"
(O, WAIT, sorry, this quote doesn't apply to you, consider you never talk much to me online...! Or just we don't usually have alot of stuff to talk about!)
*hint*- better change that in the new coming year of your life!!!!

What else to put?..... hmmm........ ok,


@~ Main ~@ --- @~ A Bday Poem ~@ --- @~ Quotes ~@
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