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Hey, Tinny, here is a poem that I dedicated to you, as a special birthday for you! Hope you will enjoy it and hope it will mean something to you!

~Dedicated to Tinny Zhu

Day by day, step by step you grow,
Seeing you sec by sec getting old...
I am glad that I have come to meet with thee,
I am glad that "mui mui" I call ye...
A pleasant person with a cheerful smile,
Seems like we have met for long, even longer than the Nile.

Now, here is a special day for you,
A day when there was a sign of you.
And you will be everything on this day,
'Cause it is your day.

~Written by Edward Lau


@~ Main ~@ --- @~ A Bday Poem ~@ --- @~ Quotes ~@
Brought to Tinny by his goi goi, Edward, OrangeToYou®, part of the OrangeEdward® 2002