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Hey, What's Up, Nancy!?! It's your birthday, like months ago... I am so sorry that I didn't get your gift to you on time... (ya, it was July 14, like almost two months ago...) I apologized for such a lateness... But here it is... This is the second part of your gift!







Hey, Nancy, maybe it's late, (OK, ya, it's like really late, but I just want to say, a happy birthday to you! And I hope the little picture frame will be a good gift. I bought it just simply because you can put it somewhere and put a picture of all of us. Caz ya, you know, it's our last year here, and guess we all going to be separated... And ya, so, you can store a picture of all of us, and in that case, you can always remember us! And so, possibly the next time, Kodak Moment! lolz...

anywayz, I wish that you will be able to get into the college of your choice, and don't stress out over the school year, and still stay survive by June 2003, heheheh.... And also (don't be stress out from ASIA, lolz..... must not)

And I wish that we will always be able to keep in contact even after BLS, Nancy! We will always be friends!


Ok, thoughts... well, personally, I think you are such a nice and helpful and caring and good and smart and hard-working and fun person to be with! (Ok, excuse the bad English grammar!)

And ya, I am very thankful for having you as a friend, who has been watching out and helping! And ya, there isn't really much of that kind of cool people around BLS... (no offense to anyone!) And ya, especially thanks for all those VCDs that you borrow to me! hehehehehe! Always having good movies to see, and you always willing to share, that's so cool!

Well, let see, I don't know what else to say, But I hope that you will enjoy your gift, and this little message from the one and only Walkable Orange! lolz......




Well, sorry again for such a late present, I tried to give it to you like on the first day of school, but then, I haven't come together with this little webpage, thus, I have to wait until this actually come out... But I hope you enjoy your gift, and ya, we need to take a pix, a pix of me, u, Lily, JoAnn, and Sam, ya, the five of us, we should take a pix! hehehe!

Peaze out now, and have a nice 17th year!


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