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Welcome, are you Kevin Le? Is it you that is visiting this page? Well, if you happen to be Kevin Le, the Kevin that is soon to be having a Birthday... Then this is the page for you!!!











Hey, Kevin, Here are two people who really want to say a Happy Birthday to you. And it was their Ideas at first who wanted to make this for your birthday! hehehe!

Edith: "Congrats, you are finally a teen"

Joanne: "I wanna say happy birthday, Kevin! I cant believe you are older than me!"

Both: "we love you Kevin!"
" Kevin you are really special,
don't forget about us!
And we hope you will grow in christ.
We wanna tell you not to forget about us
and we wish that God will always be with you and that, well, see you in PD again as a counselor some day!"


~Joanne & Edith






Hey, sup, Kevin, it was really Joanne and Edith's idea of making a webpage for your birthday, well, it's like so cool! You got some good friends there! hehehehe!

Well, I would want to say to you, Happy Birthday! And man, the summer went fast, and it's already time back to school! It was such a nice pleasure thing to have you in my discussion group, Kev, and I am so joyful that you decide to be following after Christ. So, I guess, this Birthday, to you, there will be one very important person celebrating with you--> Christ the Lord. Well, I hope to see you around Church often, Kev, maybe go to Teens with Joanne and Edith, and people! Well, talk to you later, and have a good birthday!











Well, Happy Birthday Kevin!!!


Brought to you by your BFFs: Joanne & Edith

This little gift is brought to you by Edward Lau, OrangeToYou©, part of OrangeEdward©2002. Idea given from Joanne & Edith









Wishes from
Joanne & Edith

Wishes from


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