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Hey, Jin Yu, this is what people, all your friendz, have to say to you!

hey wassup, me wishing u a very happy b-dai!!! and b good now ur getting more mature...lolz...and wish u get so many great gifts for ur b-dai present...:@) HaPpY BiRtHdAi To JiN Yu!!!

<3 alwayz, LimeTB a.k.a. Pui Ka

Congratulations!! Happy Birthday!! Boy, I wish I was turning 16... =P Anyway, it was great working with you on those skits. Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing you this summer at J3. Hehe... have a great B-day!

~luv in HIM, Ah Col

Hey Jin Yu - Happy Birthday!!! Don't worry. You are still very young and you can go on Superman ride for many more years to come! :D Have a great day!!!

- Joan

From Anita:

hey jin yu! happy b-day! you're a year older and hopefuly a year wiser...(hehe). well, your turning 16 years old. you're getting so old! :) hehe. hope that day would be very special for you and hope you are really really really really really really really (ok you get the point) happy! anywayz, happy 16th and may all your wishes come true.

From Edward Yau:

Hey it's that weird edward yau kid and... Happy birthday Jin Yu, you probably dont remember me but i went to pd2k with you, have a nice birthday!!

hey jin yu!!! it's ur bday... happy bday!!! nei dai goh la! [ur older now!] hehe =P havnt talked 2 u n a while... =\ how r things goin? hopefully good... well just wanna wish u a happy bday... hope u get a lot of presents & all ur wishes come tru... ok bye bye!!!

xoxo -Irene

hey Jin Yu.. sUp!? well, happy sweet sixteen!! hehe.. now that you're really that old, you should start becoming more mature!! hehe, no suh no suh.. well, even though i don't really see you that much, i still miss you!! hehe, and i really do.. =] well, i'm going to be a good girl now and study for my finals.. so ill ttyl okay?? bye bye!!! love you!! hehe =P and get a lot of presents!! =D anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!! hehe

*love you lots* much loves... JanEt Yu


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