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To Jin Yu, Hey, yo, girl, you ARE getting old now! hahahaha! Well, it's your 16 birthday! So, what are you going to do? Anything Fun at all? hahaha! Well, this is a little gift that I want to give to you, a webpage for you, for your sweet 16, Miss Wen! So, Enjoy~!

Wow, Jin Yu, it's been four, five years since we first met! I still remember that little childish playful girl from PD '98, (just that picture cannot forget, or just simply, 'caz I have a picture of you from that year! lolz.!)

Truly, I have seen you grow alot, but always still that fun and awesome to play with! hahahahah~! It's just cool to hang around with you!

Well, I wish you will continue to grow inside the love of the Lord, and continue to still be the cool cool Jin Yu!!! Yea!!!

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