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Birthday Wish

Something to Say

Loved By Christ





[ 08.24.02 ]

A day to celebrate, for James birthday!!!

Welcome, this is a special birthday page for James,
the only Asian James Bonds!

James, here is your birthday Present! Enjoy!







Ok, James, it's been a while since I met you,
and you are like the always up beat person,
you are the type always make funny jokes, (maybe sometimes not so funny through), but it is God's gift to you to be able to make people laugh! And I am glad that I got to know you, seeing you coming from PD and continue going to Johsua 4 and Joshua 3, it's just something special about it- Maybe because I did the same too, and we share the same path. Well, it is God's plan all along.

Ok, enough for me talking, all I want to say is, I wish you a happy birthday, and one year older, a lot wiser! You have been through a lot, and I can see you learned and grew! I hope that you will continue to grow in the Love of Christ and be a sample and a leader in our J3 Fellowship!







"God is faithful.
He will not let you be tempted
any more than you can take."
-1 Corinthians 10:13

"A man's steps are directed by the LORD,
How then can anyone understand his own way?"
-Proverb 20:24

"Eat and drink and do everything else for the Glory of God"
-1 Corinthians 10:31

James, I know you have the heart to do PD, and I encourage you to. It will be a good experience for you, for your life, and for your spiritual life too. Well, Pray and ask God for his direction and see how He wants you to help out in PD.










This is what we are,
A big family in Christ our Lord.
We are brother and sister,
And always supporting with all.

A year by year time went by,
I can see you grow, see you fly.
Just hoping that you will find the way,
back to our Father in heaven always.

As the twenty-four of August
It marks your day;
I hope that God the Almighty
will show your the way.

Now it is the day to celebrate,
To celebrate that God had given you a life,
given you to be in our life,
And we be in yours. Always and Forever...!

Written by OrangeEdward©2002






Well, I will still see you for one more year at least, and let's make the coming year a great year for us, for Joshua 3, and for the name of our Lord. Let's make J3 to grow and grow.

And Happy Birthday James, have some fun! And celebrate!

~Edward 08.23.02

This little gift brought to you by OrangeToYou©,
part of the OrangeEdward©2002




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