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[ intro ]

10.24.02... A birthday to celebrate...

Well, it's that time of the year again, and this one is for your birthday! Well, one year older, another year wiser... And just thankful that I have met you and got to know you!

You know what, it's been like three years since I first met you, it's been two years since I got to you know. Man, time does fly by so fast... LoLz...

Well, anyways, it's your brithday, so, enjoy, enjoy this little gift that I had made and prepare specially for you, on this special day...






[ wishes ]

Sigh, getting old la, Connie, (Ok, just kidding...), Well, it's your birthday, I think I shouldn't be picking on you then... let you enjoy today la... ^_^

Anyways, let see... what should I wish you ah... hmmmmmm... How about... nah... Let see... ok, I will be positive... and not going to say something mean... Well, let me just wish you,
"The older, the more beautiful la",
"Always have the youthfulness in you",
"Be happy as always la",
"Be what you want to be la",
"One more year, and you conquer one of the wonderful thing.
(get out of high school.)"

I can continue on and on and on, but I guess I will leave it here for now, just I don't want to waste the space... LoLz... hahahaha




[ yourself ]

Hey, here are some picture of yourself, just don't know what else I should put here... LoLz... Looking weird... J/K la...

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[ picture 2 ]

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[ picture 3 ]

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[ picture 4 ]




[ outro ]

Well, that's all... Hope you will have a very good birthday this year! ^_^

Brought to you by Small ProductionED of OrangeToYou©, Part of OrangeEdward©2002, by me, the one who is always in Orange! LoLz...

hmm, ok, bye...




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