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Bday Wish

Christ Be Loving
(On Your Birthday)

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Hey, Anita, It's that day again! It's your birthday!

This is the day, that we celebrate! For Anita's Birthday!

Let Us praise the Lord for He had made you to be our friends!













Well, Anita, one more birthday passes by, one year older, one year wiser!

And for the pass one year, you have learned and been through alot, I really saw that you have grown alot, in friendship, in relationship, even in your relationship with Christ, well, ah mui, I hope that you will continue growing and continue to just be yourself! hehehe!

I wish you will have a good good birthday.











This is what we are,
A big family in Christ our Lord.
We are brother and sister,
And always supporting with all.

A year by year time went by,
I can see you grow, see you fly.
Just hoping that you will find the way,
back to our Father in heaven always.

As the twenty-four of August
It marks your day;
I hope that God the Almighty
will show your the way.

Now it is the day to celebrate,
To celebrate that God had given you a life,
given you to be in our life,
And we be in yours.

Always and Forever...!

Written by OrangeEdward©2002









OK, Anita, here is a page that I definitely want to put up for you, hahahah, it's many of the funniest or coolest thing that you ever said or heard or some others! hehehe! So, enjoy!

"I am a big girl now, I don't play with McDonald's toys, Let's give it to BCEC!"

"What does the 1600 in SAT score have in common with True Love? Hard to get, yet someone will get it."-Edward, then Anita replied by: "I'm smart enough to try and get a 1600 on SAT when I have to and I could try and search for true love."

OrAnGeEdWaRdHK:You notice how they say it's asianavenue, yet, they use English everywhere, no asian language!
Baybeegyirl2000: well english is international!

Baybeegyirl2000: woh...
Baybeegyirl2000: listening to you and your story about PD made me realize something
Baybeegyirl2000: im almost exactly like you
Baybeegyirl2000: wierd
OrAnGeEdWaRdHK: that's why we are meant to be goh goh and mui mui !
OrAnGeEdWaRdHK: heheheh!
Baybeegyirl2000: and i can always talk to you!
OrAnGeEdWaRdHK: caz u are someone that i can see my reflection upon!










So, Anita, this is my birthday present to you. It's nothing fancy, nothing much really, but I hope it will mean a little to you, as your 14 birthday's memory! And I welcome you to Joshua 3 too, hope we will have a great year in front of us, and have a great time together in Joshua 3 fellowship, I will always be there for you to talk with, to chill with, so, laterz, ah mui!

~Edward ah goh


This little gift brought to you by OrangeToYou©, part of the OrangeEdward©2002