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Tears represent the stubbornness of human, stubbornness toward everything... But seems like even babies can do a better cry than us...

Baby's Cry

Babies cry a lot...
They cry because they want attention
Or they just simply want something...
They are yet to speak their feelings,
So, through their cries
Are the best way to get what they want.

People, on the other hand, learned the languages on their tongue,
And forgot the language of the tears...
People became complicated
And wasted their energy for a sample task.

Babies always seem to know what they want,
They don't stop until you give them what they want.
But people have to hide their real feelings inside,
And let others to guess what they want...

Just a simple drop of tear,
Just a simple cry of mercy,
Even babies can do it better than grown-ups...


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