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Welcome, This is also one of my remote website!
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Let me Introduce to you, this site is called "My Orange-Self," (Version 4.0.05). This is the latest website that I designed after the main site has been undergoing a thorough modification. Here are the cool sections that I set up, and most of the informations here relate to my future and school plans. Just take a look and see if I share anything similar to you!!

Please continue by checking out the links on the left, and I hope you will enjoy each of the sections as much as I do! And below is a poem, which I would like to share with everyone!

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Life is a long road walking through,
A very long journey... That is true.
Is it a long straight way out?
A smooth path and bumps without?

Finding myself back to start,
All seems to be trick of the heart...
And life seems to be a circular way,
Since I am back here again, today.

It is just meant to be,
God has let me see...
Bring me back to here once again,
With knowledge of love that I gained.

To you I love, to you I'll say,
No matter what, I am not running away.
Loving you doesn't need you by my side,
Long as you're happy, and no tears from your eyes.

I will be waiting, waiting for thee,
To come smiling back at me...
And let me hold on to your hand,
forever together we will stand...

Written by Edward Lau

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