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In Me

Here are some of my favorite poems that describe the deep down inside of me, and I want to share with everyone!

[ME to YOU] --- [Changed by You]


As I always say,
Love is not love until you love me as I love you.
But what is love...
When you will love me as I will love you?
Is that the "true love" that we were waiting for?
Is it when "You to You" nor "Me to You" will make a different?
Is it when "Me to Me" and "You to Me" will just mean the same?
Is it when only "We to We" will matter?
if the world shall come between,
My heart will only have you as yours will only have me.
Our love will be so great that there won't be rooms for the world,
My dear, my love, let me hold your hand and walk through destiny.
You are you to you when I am me to you,
You are me to me when I am you to me.
And we shall be in love, since the violent purple sky,
ANd we shall be walking, together side by side...

~Edward Lau,

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Changed by You

A common girl yet so uncommon,
A simple smile yet so difficult,
A pleasing voice yet so unpleasing,
A truthful love yet so unreal...

To you I wish to love few more,
Give you my heart, my soul and all.
I found myself in love with you,
Standing in front of my eyes so true.
Not that you look so fine,
And the only one of the kind;
But that you have made me to see,
Life is as free as I want it to be.

You changed my life,
Give me new hope,
Showing me a new meaning...
And I want to be with you,
Your hand in mine,
Walking side by side,
Not that you are wonderful,
But that you are my inspiration, my new sight...

~Edward Lau,

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