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Hey, Welcome to my Hometown -Hong Kong! As I was born in Hong Kong, I am proud to live there for the most of my childhood! Let me introduce to you my hometown first! Hong Kong is a very crowded city with its nearly seven millions populations! It is Way lot more than Boston! But the size is just about the same! It is a very favor harbor port, ships come in and depart with goods from and to Asia.

There is more to Hong Kong than I can ever describe! But to me, Hong Kong is my home! It is where my heritage remains! And I wish to go back to visit Hong Kong again someday! I actually did went back to Hong Kong in the summer of 2001, but I didn't spend my time much since it was a family travel. But anyway, here are some pictures that I took while I was there!

This is me in Tuen Mun Butterfly Park
On the left, You can see the Hong Kong International Airport! (Supposinyly, it is back there somewhere!) Try harder and see! The Photo on the right, that is a ferry of a Hong Kong Ferry Company called "First Ferry!"
-This is one of the many beautiful beaches in Hong Kong!

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