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For You

Here is a list of site that I would recommend "For You!" Go and take a look, they are pretty good!

* -This is a website made by one of my friends, Miss Cathy Ho (BLS, 2003). There are awesome good quotes for anything! (That's where I got my quotes before too! Thanks, Cathy!)

* -Here is a photo site, brought to you by Miss Lily Chan (BLS, 2003). If you know her, or know anyone from the class of 2003 in Boston Latin School, (or happens to be one yourself), then you should check out her photo album!!

* -There is someone that has put on a site for the statement in love! (Wonder who?)

* -Hey, listening to the latest Chinese Music lately? Go here to download the latest chinese music!

* -Here is another Chinese Music Site! (This one is in Simplified Chinese!)

*" -This is Boston Latin School's A.S.I.A. (Asian Students In Action). Check it out!

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