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Name: Jessie
Age: 18, 19 soon (can i really be this young?)
Status: Single
Favorite quote: "You may never change the world, but you can
change your corner of it one person at a time."
Favor color: Polychromatic :)
Interests: The arts, nature, and education.
Life's goal: to be happy, its the hardest thing you'll ever try to achieve.
Favorite type of music: I like all music, even classical, jazz, and the "oldies".
Best compliment: "You make me humble"
"this worlds a better place because your in it"
Fear: That equality for all will never come to this planet
Inspirations (people): Katrina Smith, Micheal Goodhue, Marty Parham,
Sinead O'Connor, and Jan Vermeer.
Describe your friends: Diverse, fun.... they are my family...
I love you all.
Describe the perfect person: In my opinion the perfect person
(for me at least) is imperfect, sweet, respectful (with includes truthful), liberal,
and open-minded.
Sexual preference: I guess the closest thing we have is bisexual, but
thought thought the use of bi (two) seems too limiting. You love who you love.