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Empire Of Forbidden Love

Insanity Yells Out To All

˜a Young Femme pads up, yellow orbs glowing brightly, she grins, once dark red pelt lightened to a soft pink, she blinks at you, and sits, pitch black ears twitch to any noise, tail wrapping around stone grey dipped paws˜ um....Im Hope! ˜She Glances down toward her paws, then back to you˜

En Hes Always Been There for me, a ture friend, and I'll ove him forever!


˜her pelt darkens to a redder shade slightly˜ They are all gone... ˜she looks up at you sadly˜ my family is all mother died after she gave birth to me...killing my brothers and sister...I was raised by my father, but he died before my eyes where open...I dont know how he died...but I was taken in by a small pack of lupes, but I am not with them now...I do visit them sometimes...˜her fur lightens once more, and she brightens up˜ THAT WONT BRING ME DOWN!!!! I have a life ahead of me! and I will live it to the fullest!!!

As you prolly dont know, I have two sides to me, a lighter side, that is much more friendly, and keeps my goofy, more puplike side, my fur lightens to pink, and I dont attack people, while my darker side, holds my sorrow, and pain, I attack anyone who trys to get near me, my fur turns dark red, when I am light, I act more like my father, but my darker side is from my mother, I dont know anything about them, but im sure my father wasnt evil...he couldnt one that nice could be evil...



No One

Nope Nope...

My Strange Obsession

˜sighs, dreamly look on face˜ arent they beautiful...I wish I was beautiful...