This is the first Centurie by Nostradamus, first printed on May 4, 1555 in Lyons by Macé Bonhomme. This first edition contained the Preface to his
son César and 353 quatrains. A reprint was done by Bareste in 1840, unfortunately the original was lost.



ESTANT assis de nuict secret estude,
Seul reposé sur la selle d'ærain:
Flambe exigue sortant de solitude,
Fait prosperer qui n'est à croire vain.

Sitting alone at night in secret study;
it is placed on the brass tripod.
A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and
makes successful that which should not be beleived in vain.


La vierge en main mise au milieu de Branches
De l'onde il moulle & le l'imbe & le pied:
Vn peur & voix fremissent par les manches:
Splendeur diuine. Le diuin pres s'assied.

The wand in the hand is placed in the middle of the tripod's legs.
With water he sprinkles both the hem of his garment and his foot.
A voice, fear: he trembles in his robes.
Divine splendour; the god sits nearby.


Quand la lictiere du tourbillon versee,
Et seront faces de leurs manteaux couuers,
La republique par gens nouveaux vexee,
Lors blancs & rouges iureront à l'enuers.

When the litters are overturned by the whirlwind 
and faces are covered by cloaks,
the new republic will be troubled by its people.
At this time the reds and the whites will rule wrongly.


Par l'vnivers sera faict vn monarque,
Qu'en paix & vie ne sera longuement:
Lors se perdra la piscature barque,
Sera regie en plus grand detriment.

In the world there will be made a king
who will have little peace and a short life.
At this time the ship of the Papacy will be lost,
governed to its greatest detriment.


Chassez seront pour faire long combat,
Par les pays seront plus fort greuez:
Bourg & cité auront plus grand debat.
Carcas. Narbonne auront coeur esprouuez.

They will be driven away for a long drawn out fight.
The countryside will be most grievously troubled.
Town and country will have greater struggle.
Carcassonne and Narbonne will have their hearts tried.


Tard arriué l'execution faicte,
Le vent contraire lettres au chemin prinses:
Les coniurez XIIIJ. d'vne secte,
Par le Rousseau senez les entreprinses.

Arrived too late, the act has been done.
The wind was against them, letters intercepted on their way.
The conspirators were fourteen of a party.
By Rousseau shall these enterprises be undertaken.


Combien de fois prinse cité solitaire
Seras changeant ses loix barbares & vaines:
Ton mal s'aproche. Plus seras tributaires
Le grand Hardie recouurira tes veines.

How often will you be captured, O city of the sun ?
Changing laws that are barbaric and vain.
Bad times approach you. No longer will you be enslaved.
Great Hadrie will revive your veins.


De l'Orient viendra le coeur Punique
Fascher Hadrie, & les hoires Romulides,
Acompagne de la classe Libique,
emples Melites & proches Isles vuides.

From the Orient will come the African heart
to trouble Hadrie and the heirs of Romulus.
Accompanied by the Libyan fleet 
the temples of Malta and nearby islands shall be deserted.


Serpens transmis en la cage de fer,
Ou les enfans septains du Roy sont pris:
Les vieux & peres sortirons bas de l'enfer,
Ains mourir voir de fruict mort & cris.

A coffin is put into the vault of iron,
where seven children of the king are held.
The ancestors and forebears will come forth from the depths of hell,
lamenting to see thus dead the fruit of their line.


Le mouuement de sens, coeur pieds & mains,
Seront d'accord. Naples, Lyon, Sicile.
Glaiues, feux, eaux, puis aux nobles Romains,
Plongez, tuez, morts par cerueau debile

The motion of senses, heart, feet and hands
will be in agreement between Naples, Lyon and Sicily.
Swords fire, floods, then the noble Romans drowned,
killed or dead because of a weak brain.


Dans peu dira fauce brute fragile
De bas en haut esleué promptement:
Puis en istant desloyale & labile,
Qui de Veronne aura gouuernement.

There will soon be talk of a treacherous man, who rules a short time, 
quickly raised from low to high estate.
He will suddenly turn disloyal and volatile.
This man will govern Verona.


Les exilez par ire, haine intestine,
Feront au Roy grand coniuration:
Secret mettront ennemis par la mine,
Et ses vieux siens contre eux sedition.

Through anger and internal hatreds, the exiles 
will hatch a great plot against the king.
Secretly they will place enemies as a threat,
and his own old (adherents) will find sedition against them.


De gent esclaue chansons, chants & requestes,
Captifs par Princes & Seigneurs aux prisons:
A l'aduenir par idiots sans testes,
Seront receus par diuines oraisons.

From the enslaved populace, songs, chants and demands,
while Princes and Lords are held captive in prisons.
These will in the future by headless idiots
be received as divine prayers


Mars nous menasse par sa force bellique,
Septante fois fera le sang espandre:
Auge & ruyne de l'Ecclesiastique
Et plus ceux qui d'eux rien voudront entendre.

Mars threatens us with the force of war
and will cause blood to be spilt seventy times.
The clergy will be both exalted and reviled moreover,
by those who wish to learn nothing of them.


Faux à l'estang ioinct vers le Sagittaire,
En son haut AVGE de l'exaltation,
Peste, famine, mort de main militaire,
Le siecle approche de renouation.

A scythe joined with a pond in Sagittarius
at its highest ascendant.
Plague, famine, death from military hands;
the century approaches its renewal.


Par quarante ans l'Iris n'apparoistra,
Par quarante ans tous les iours sera veu:
La terre aride en siccité croistra,
Et grands deloges quand sera apperceu.

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.
For forty years it will be seen every day.
The dry earth will grow more parched,
and there will be great floods when it is seen.


Par la discorde Negligence Gauloise,
Sera passage à Mahommet ouuert:
De sang trempé la terre & mer Senoise,
Le port Phocen de voilles & nerfs couuert.

Because of French discord and negligence
an opening shall be given to the Mohammedans.
The land and sea of Siena will be soaked in blood,
and the port of Marseilles covered with ships and sails.


Lors que serpens viendront circuer l'arc,
Le sang Troyen vexé par les Espaignes:
Par eux grand nombre en sera faicte tarc,
Chef fruict, caché aux marcs dans les saignes.

When the snakes surround the altar,
and the Trojan blood is troublerd by the Spanish.
Because of them, a great number will be lessened.
The leader flees, hidden in the swampy marshes.


Tours, Oriens, Blois, Angers, Reims & Nantes,
Cités vexees par subit changement.
Par langues estranges seront tenduës tentes,
Fleuues, dards Renes terre & mer tremblement.

The cities of Tours, Orleans, Blois, Angers, Reims and Nantes
are troubled by sudden change.
Tents will be pitched by (people) of foreign tongues;
rivers, darts at Rennes, shaking of land and sea.


Profonde argille blanche nourrit rocher,
Qui d'vn abysme istra lacticineuse,
En vain troublez ne l'oseront toucher,
Ignorant estre au fond terre argilleuse.

The rock holds in its depths white clay
which will come out milk-white from a cleft
Needlessly troubled people will not dare touch it,
unaware that the foundation of the earth is of clay.


Ce que viura & n'ayant aucun sens,
Viendront leser à mort son artifice:
Autun, Chalon, Langres, & les deux Sens,
La gresle & glace fera grand malefice.

A thing existing without any senses
will cause its own end to happen through artifice.
At Autun, Chalan, Langres and the two Sens
there will be great damage from hail and ice.


Au mois troisiesme se leuant le Soleil,
Sanglier, Leopart, au champ mars pour côbatre
Leopart lassé au ciel estend son oeil,
Vn Aigle autour du Soleil voyt s'esbatre.

In the third month, at sunrise,
the Boar and the Leopard meet on the battlefield.
The fatigued Leopard looks up to heaven
and sees an eagle playing around the sun.


A cité neuue pensif pour condamner,
L'oisel de proye au ciel se vient offrir:
Apres victoire à captif pardonner,
Cremone & Mâtoue grâds maux aura souffert.

At the New City he is thoughtfil to condemn;
the bird of prey offers himself to the gods.
After victory he pardons his captives.
At Cremona and Mantua great hardships will be suffered.


Perdu trouué caché de si long siecle,
Sera pasteur demy Dieu honnore:
Ains que la Lune acheue son grand siecle,
Par autres vents sera deshonnoré.

The lost thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries.
Pasteur will be celebrated almost as a god-like figure.
This is when the moon completes her great cycle,
but by other rumours he shall be dishonoured.


Le grand du foudre tumbe d'heure diurne,
Mal, & predict par porteur postulaire:
Suiuant presage tumbe de l'heure nocturne,
Conflict Reims, Londres, Ettrusque pestifere.

The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolt.
An evil deed, foretold by the beare of a petition.
According to the prediction another falls at night time.
Conflict at Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.


Dessouz le chaine Guien du ciel frappé,
Non loing de là est caché le thresor:
Qui par longs siecles auoit esté grappé,
Trouué mourra, l'oeil creué de ressort.

Beneath the oak tree of Gienne, struck by lightning, 
the treasure is hidden not far from there.
That which for many centuries had been gathered,
when found, a man will die, his eye pierced by a spring.


La tour de Boucq craindra fuste Barbare,
Vn temps, long temps apres barque hesperique:
Bestail, gês, meubles, tous deux ferôt grâd tare,
Taurus, & Libra, quelle mortelle picque?

Tobruk will fear the barbarian fleet for a time,
then much later the Western fleet.
Cattle, people, possessions, all will be quite lost.
What a deadly combat in Taurus and Libra.


Quand le poisson terrestre & aquatique
Par forte vague au grauier sera mis,
Sa forme estrange suaue & horrifique,
Par mes aux meurs bien tost les ennemis.

When the fish that travels over both land and sea
is cast up on to the shore by a great wave,
its shape foreign, smooth and frightful.
From the sea the enemies soon reach the walls.


La nef estrange par le tourment marin,
Abordera pres de port incogneu:
Nonobstant signes de rameau palmerin,
Apres mort pille bon aduis tard venu.

Because of the storm at sea the foreign ship
will approach an unknown port.
Notwithstanding the signs of the palm branches,
afterwards there is death and pillage. Good advice comes too late.


Tant d'ans en Gaule les guerres dureront,
Outre la course du Castulon monarque:
Victoire incerte trois grands couronneront,
Aigle, Coq, Lune, Lyon, Soleil en marque.

The wars in France will last for so many years
beyond the reign of the Castulon kings.
An uncertain victory will crown three great ones,
the Eagle, the Cock, the Moon, the Lion, the Sun in its house.


Le grand Empire sera tost translaté
En lieu petit, qui bien tost viendra croistre,
Lieu bien infime d'exigue comté,
Où au milieu viendra poser son sceptre.

The great Empire will soon be exchanged 
for a small place, which soon will begin to grow.
A small place of tiny area 
in the middle of which he will come to lay down his sceptre.


Pres d'vn grand pont de plaine spatieuse,
Le grand Lyon par forces Cesarees,
Fera abbatre hors cité rigoreuse,
Par effroy portes luy seront reserrees.

Near a great bridge near a spacious plain
the great lion with the Imperial forces
will cause a falling outside the austere city.
Through fear the gates will be unlocked for him.


L'oyseau de proye volant à la senestre,
Auant conflict faict aux Fran&cced;ois pareure:
L'vn bon prendra, l'vn ambique sinistre,
La partie foible tiendra par son augure.

The bird of prey flying to the left,
before battle is joined with the French, he makes preparations.
Some will regard him as good, others bad or uncertain.
The weaker party will regard him as a good omen.


Le lyon ieune le vieux surmontera,
En champ bellique par singulier duelle:
Dans cage d'or les yeux luy creuera,
Deux classes vne, puis mourir, mort cruelle.

The young lion will overcome the older one,
in a field of combat in single fight:
He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage;
two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.


Tard le monarque se viendra repentir,
De n'auoir mis à mort son aduersaire:
Mais viendra bien à plus haut consentir,
Que tout son sang par mort fera deffaire.

Too late the king will repent 
that he did not put his adversary to death.
But he will soon come to agree to far greater things
which will cause all his line to die.


Vn peu deuant que le Soleil s'absconde,
Conflict donné, grand peuple dubiteux:
Profligez, port marin ne faict response,
Pont & sepulchre en deux estranges lieux

Shortly before sun set, battle is engaged.
A great nation is uncertain.
Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,
the bridge and the grave both in foreign places.


Le Sol & l'Aigle au victeur paroistront,
Response vaine au vaincu l'on asseure:
Par cor ne crys harnois n'arresteront,
Vindicte paix par mors si acheue à l'heure.

The Sun and the Eagle will appear to the victor.
An empty answer assured to the defeated.
Neither bugle nor shouts will stop the soldiers.
Liberty and peace, if achieved in time through death.


De nuict dans lict le supresme estranglé,
Pour trop auoir seiourné blond esleu.
Par trois l'Empire subrogé exanclé,
A mort mettra carte, & pacquet ne leu.

At night the last one will be strangled in his bed 
because he became too involved with the blond heir elect.
The Empire is enslaved and three men substituted.
He is put to death with neither letter nor packet read.


La trompe fausse dissimulant folie,
Fera Bisance vn changement de loix,
Histra d'Egypte, qui veut que l on deffie
Edict changeant monnoyes & aloys.

The false trumpet concealing maddness
will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.


Siege en cité est de nuict assallie,
Peu eschappé, non loin de mer conflict:
Femme de ioye, retours fils defaillie,
Poison & lettres cachees dans le plic.

The city is beseiged and assaulted by night;
few have escaped; a battle not far from the sea.
A woman faints with joy at the return of her son,
poison in the folds of the hidden letters.


Le dix Calendes d'Auril de faict Gotique,
Resuscité encor par gens malins:
Le feu estainct, assemblee diabolique,
Cherchant les os du d'Amant & Pselin.

The tenth day of the April Calends, calculated in Gothic fashion
is revived again by wicked people.
The fire is put out and the diabolic gathering
seek the bones of the demon of Psellus.


Auant qu'aduienne le changement d'Empire,
Il aduiendra vn cas bien merueilleux:
Le camp mué, le pillier de porphire,
Mis, transmué sus le rocher noilleux.

Before the Empire changes
a very wonderful event will take place.
The field moved, the pillar of porphyry 
put in place, changed on the gnarled rock.


En bref seront de retour sacrifices,
Contreuenans seront mis à martyre:
Plus ne seront moines, abbes, ne nouices,
Le miel sera beaucoup plus cher que cire.

In a short time sacrifices will be resumed,
those opposed will be put (to death) like martyrs.
The will no longer be monks, abbots or novices.
Honey shall be far more expensive than wax.


Secteur de sectes grand peine au delateur,
Beste en theatre dressé le ieu scenique,
Du faict antique ennobly l'inuenteur,
Par sectes monde confus & schismatiques.

A founder of sects, much trouble for the accuser:
A beast in the theatre prepares the scene and plot.
The author ennobled by acts of older times;
the world is confused by schismatic sects.


Tout apres d'Aux de Lestore & Mirande
Grand feu du ciel en trois nuicts tombera:
Cause aduiendra bien stupende & mirande,
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous;
shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.


Du lac Leman les sermons fascheront,
Des iours seront reduits par des sepmaines,
Puis moys, puis an, puis tous failliront,
Les Magistras danneront leur loix vaines.

The speeches of Lake Leman will become angered,
the days will drag out into weeks,
then months, then years, then all will fail.
The authorities will condemn their useless powers.


Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passez,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa monarchie:
Quand le Soleil prendra ses iours lassez:
Lors accomplir & mine ma prophetie.

When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed
another will take up his reign for seven thousend years.
When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle
then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.


Baucoup auant telles menees,
Ceux d'Orient par la vertu lunaire:
L'an mil sept cens feront grands emmenees,
Subiungant presques le coing Aquilonaire.

Long before these happenings
the people of the East, influenced by the Moon,
in the year 1700 will cause many to be carried away,
and will almost subdue the Northern area.


De l'aquatique triplicité naistra,
D'vn qui fera le Ieudy pour sa feste:
Son bruit, loz, regne, sa puissance croistra,
Par terre & mer aux Oriens tempeste.

From the three water signs will be born a man
who will celbrate Thursday as his holiday.
His renown, praise, rule and power will grow 
on land and sea, bringing trouble to the East.


Chef d'Aries, Iupiter, & Saturne,
Dieu eternel quelles mutations?
Puis par long siecle son maling temps retourne
Gaule & Italie, quelles esmotions?

The head of Aries, Jupiter and Saturn.
Eternal God, what changes !
Then the bad times will return again after a long century;
what turmoil in France and Italy.


Les deux malins de Scorpion conioinct,
Le grand Seigneur meurdry dedans sa salle:
Peste à l'Eglise par le nouueau Roy ioinct,
L'Europe basse & Septentrionale.

Two evil influences in conjunction in Scopio.
The great lord is murdered in his room.
A newly appointed king persecutes the Church,
the lower (parts of) Europe and in the North.


Las! qu'on verra grand peuple tourmenté,
Et la loy saincte en totale ruine,
Par autres loix toute la Chrestienté,
Quand d'or d'argent trouue nouuelle mine.

Alas, how we will see a great nation sorely troubled
and the holy law in utter ruin.
Christianity (governed) throughout by other laws,
when a new source of gold and silver is discovered.


Deux reuolts faicts du maling falcigere,
De regne & siecles faict permutation:
Le mobil signe à son endroit si ingere,
Aux deux esgaux & d'inclination.

Two revolutions will be caused by the evil scythe bearer
making a change of reign and centuries.
The mobile sign thus moves into its house:
Equal in favour to both sides.


Soubs l'opposite climat Babilonique,
Grande sera de sang effusion,
Que terre & mer, air, ciel sera inique,
Sectes, faim, regnes pestes, confusion.

I the land with a climate opposite to Babylon
there will be great shedding of blood.
Heaven will seem unjust both on land and sea and in the air.
Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion.


Vous verrez tost & tard faire grand change,
Horreurs extremes & vindications:
Que si la Lune conduite par son ange,
Le ciel s'approche des inclinations.

Sooner and later you will see great changes made,
dreadful horrors and vengeances.
For as the moon is thus led by its angel
the heaves draw near to the Balance.


Par grand discord la terre tremblera,
Accord rompu dressant la teste au ciel,
Bouche sanglante dans le sang nagera,
Au sol la face ointe de laict & miel.

The trumpet shakes with great discord.
An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven:
the bloody mouth will swim with blood;
the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.


Tranché le ventre naistra auec deux testes,
Et quatre bras: quelques ans entiers viura
Iour qui Alquiloye celebrera ses festes,
Fossen, Turin, chef Ferrare suiura.

Through a slit in the belly a creature will be born with two heads
and four arms: it will survive for some few years.
The day that Alquiloie celebrates his festivals
Fossana, Turin and the ruler of Ferrara will follow.


Les exilez deportez dans les isles,
Au changement d'vn plus cruel monarque
Seront meurtris, & mis deux des scintiles,
Qui de parler ne seront estez parques.

The exiles deported to the islands
at the advent of an even more cruel king
will be murdered. Two will be burnt 
who were not sparing in their speech.


Vn Empereur naistra pres d'Italie,
Qui à l'Empire sera vendu bien cher:
Diront auec quels gens il se ralie,
Qu'on trouuera moins prince que boucher.

An Emperor will be born near Italy,
who will cost the Empire very dearly.
They will say, when they see his allies,
that he is less a prince than a butcher.


La republique miserable infelice
Sera vastee du nouueau magistrat:
Leur grand amas de l'exil malefice
Fera Sueue rauir leur grand contract.

The wretched, unfortunate republic 
will again be ruined by a new authority.
The great amount of ill will accumulated in exile
will make the Swiss break their important agreement.


La grande perte, las! que feront les lettres,
Auant le ciel de Latona parfaict:
Feu grand deluge plus par ignares sceptres,
Que de long siecle ne se verra refaict.

Alas! what a great loss there will be to learning
before the cycle of the Moon is completed.
Fire, great floods, by more ignorant rulers;
how long the centuries until it is seen to be restored.


Les fleurs passees diminue le monde,
Long temps la paix terres inhabitees:
Seur marchera par ciel, terre, mer & onde,
Puis de nouueau les guerres suscitees.

Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,
for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.
People will travel safely through the sky (over) land and seas:
then wars will start up again.


De nuict Soleil penseront auois veu.
Quand le pourceau demy homme on verra:
Bruit chant, bataille au ciel batre apperceu,
Et bestes brutes à parler lon orra.

At night they will whink they have seen the sun,
when the see the half pig man:
Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the skies.
The brute beasts will be heard to speak.


Enfant sans mains iamais veu si grand foudre,
L'enfant Royal au ieu d'oesteuf blessé:
Au puy brises fulgures allant mouldre,
Trois souz les chaines par le milieu troussés.

A child without hands, never so great a thunderbolt seen,
the royal child wounded at a game of tennis.
At the well lightning strikes, joining together 
three trussed up in the middle under the oaks.


Celuy qui lors portera les nouuelles
Apres vn peu il viendra respirer,
Viuiers, Tournon, Montferrant & Pradelles,
Gresle & tempestes le fera souspirer.

He who then carries the news,
after a short while will (stop) to breath:
Viviers, Tournon, Montferrand and Praddelles;
hail and storms will make them grieve.


La grand famine que ie sens approcher,
Souuent tourner, puis estre vniuerselle,
Si grande & longue qu'on viendra arracher
Du bois racine, & l'enfant de mammelle.

The great famine which I sense approaching
will often turn (in various areas) then become world wide.
It will be so vast and long lasting that (they) will grab
roots from the trees and children from the breast.


O quel horrible & malheureux teurment,
Trois innocens qu'on viendra à liurer
Poison suspecte, mal gardé tardiment.
Mis en horreur par bourreaux enyurez.

O to what a dreadful and wretched torment
are three innocent people going to be delivered.
Poison sugested, badly guarded, betrayal.
Delivered up to horror by drunken executioners.


La grand montagne ronde de sept stades,
Apres paix, guerre, faim, inodation,
Roulera loin abismant grands contrades,
Mesmes antiques, & grands fondation.

The great mountain, seven stadia round,
after peace, war, famine, flooding.
It will spread far, drowning great countries,
even antiquities and their might foundations.


Pluye, faim, guerre en Perse non cessee,
La foy trop grand trahira le monarque:
Par la finie en Gaule commencee,
Secret augure pour à vn estre parque.

Rain, famine and war will not cease in Persia;
too great a faith will betray the monarch.
Those (actions) started in France will end there,
a secret sign for on to be sparing.


La tour marine troys foys prise & reprise,
Par Espagnols, Barbares, Ligurains:
Marseille & Aix, Arles par ceux de Pise,
Vast, feu, fer pillé Auignon des Thurins.

The marine tower will be captured and retaken three times
by Spaniards, barbarians and Ligurians.
Marseilles and Aix, Ales by men of Pisa,
devastation, fire, sword, pillage at Avignon by the Turinese.


Du tout Marseille des habitans changee,
Course & poursuite iusqu'au pres de Lyon,
Narbon, Tholouse par Bourdeaux outragee,
Tuez captifs presque d'vn milion.

The inhabitants of Marseilles completely changed,
fleeing and pursued as far as Lyons.
Narbonne, Toulouse angered by Bordeaux;
the killed and captive are almost one million.


France à cinq pars par neglect assaillie,
Tunys, Argal esmeuz par Persiens:
Leon, Seuille, Barcellonne faillie,
N'aura la classe par les Venitiens.

France shall be accused of neglect by her five partners.
Tunis, Algiers stirred up by the Persians.
Leon, Seville and Barcelona having failed,
they will not have the fleet because of the Venetians.


Apres seiourné vagueront en Epire,
Le grand secours viendra vers Anthioche.
Le noir poil crespe rendra fort à l'Empire,
Barbe d'ærain se rostira en broche.

After a rest they will travel to Epirus,
great help coming from around Antioch.
The curly haired king will strive greatly for the Empire,
the brazen beard will be roasted on a spit.


Le tyran Sienne occupera Sauonne,
Le fort gaigné tiendra classe marine:
Les deux armees par la marque d'Anconne,
Par effrayeur le chef s'en examine.

The tyrant of Siena will occupy Savona,
having won the fort he will restrain the marine fleet.
Two armies under the standard of Ancona:
the leader will examine them in fear.


D'vn nom farouche tel proferé sera,
Que les trois seurs auront fato le nom:
Puis grand peuple par langue & faict dira
Plus que nul autre aura bruit & renom.

The man will be called by a barbaric name
that three sisters will receive from destiny.
He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds,
more than any other man will have fame and renown.


Entre deux mers dreslera promontoire,
Que puis mourra par le mors du cheual:
Le sien Neptune pliera voile noire,
Par Calpre & classe aupres de Rocheual.

A promontory stands between two seas:
A man who will die later by the bit of a horse;
Neptune unfurls a black sail for his man;
the fleet near Gibraltar and Rocheval.


D'vn chef vieillard naistra sens hebeté,
Degenerant par s&cced;avoir & par armes:
Le chef de France par sa soeur redouté,
Champs diuisez, concedez aux gendarmes.

To an old leader will be born an idiot heir,
weak both in knowledge and in war.
The leader of France is feared by his sister,
battlefields divided, conceded to the soldiers.


Bazaz, Lestore, Condon, Ausch, Agine,
Esmeurs par loix, querelle & monopole:
Car Bourd. Tholouse, Bay mettra en ruine:
Renouueller voulant leur tauropole.

Bazas, Lectoure, Condom, Auch and Agen
are troubled by laws, disputes and monopolies.
Carcassone, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Bayonne will be ruined
when they wish to renew the massacre.


De la sixiesme claire splendeur celeste,
Viendra tonner si fort en la Bourgongne,
Puis n'aystra monstre de tres hideuse beste:
Mars, Auril, May, Iuin, grâd charpin & rongne.

From the sixth bright celestial light 
it will come to thunder very strongly in Burgundy.
Then a monster will be born of a very hideuos beast:
In March, April, May and June great wounding and worrying.


D'humain troupeau neuf seront mis à part,
De iugement & conseil separez:
Leur sort sera diuisé en depart,
Kappa, Thita, Lambda mors bannis esgarez.

Nine will be set apart from the human flock,
separated from judgment and advise.
Their fate is to be divided as they depart.
K. Th. L. dead, banished and scattered.


Quand les colonnes de bois grande tremblee,
D'Auster conduite, couuerte de rubriche:
Tant vuidera dehors grande assemblee,
Trembler Vienne & le pays d'Austriche.

When the great wooden columns tremble 
in the south wind, covered with blood.
Such a great assembly then pours forth
that Vienna and the land of Austria will tremble.


La gent estrange diuisera butins,
Saturne en Mars son regard furieux:
Horrible estrange aux Toscans & Latins,
Grecs qui seront à frapper curieux.

The alien nation will divide the spoils.
Saturn in dreadful aspect in Mars.
Dreadful and foreign to the Tuscans and Latins,
Greeks who will wish to strike.


Lune obscurcie aux profondes tenebres,
Son frere passe de couleur ferrugine:
Le grand caché long temps sous les tenebres,
Tiedera fer dans la playe sanguine.

The moon is obscured in deep gloom,
his brother becomes bright red in colour.
The great one hidden for a long time in the shadows
will hold the blade in the bloody wound.


Par la response de dame Roy troublé,
Ambassadeurs mespriseront leur vie:
Le grand ses freres contrefera doublé,
Par deux mourront ire, haine & enuie.

The king is troubled by the queen's reply.
Ambassadors will fear for their lives.
The greater of his brothers will doubly disguise his action,
two of them will die through anger, hatred and envy.


La grande Royne quand se verra vaincue,
Fera excés de masculin courage,
Sur cheual, fleuue passera toute nue,
Suite par fer: à foy fera outrage.

When the great queen sees herself conquered,
she will show an excess of masculine courage.
Naked, on horseback, she will pass over the river
pursued by the sword: she will have outraged her faith


Ennosigee feu du centre de terre,
Fera trembler autour de cité neuue
Deux grâds rochers long têps feront la guerre,
Puis Arethuse rougira nouueau fleuue.

Earthshaking fire from the centre of the earth
will cause tremors around the New City.
Two great rocks will war for a long time,
then Arethusa will redden a new river.


Le diuin mal surprendra le grand Prince,
Vn peu deuant aura femme espousee,
Son appuy & credit à vn coup viendra mince,
Conseil mourra pour la teste rasee.

The divine wrath overtakes the great Prince,
a short while before he will marry.
Both supporters and credit will suddenly diminish.
Counsel, he will die because of the shaven heads.


Touts ceux de Iler ne seront dans la Moselle,
Mettant à mort tous ceux de Loire & Seine:
Le cours marin viendra pres d'haute velle,
Quand Espagnols ouurira toute veine.

Those of Lerida will be in the Moselle,
kill all those from the Loire and Seine.
The seaside track will come near the high valley,
when the Spanish open every route.


Bourdeaux, Poitiers au son de la campagne,
A grande classe ira iusqu'à l'Angon,
Contre Gaulois sera leur tramontane,
Quand monstre hideux naistra pres de Orgô.

Bordeaux and Poitiers at the sound of the bell
will go with a great fleet as fas as Langon.
A great rage will surge up against the French,
when an hideous monster is born near Orgon.


Les Dieux feront aux humains apparence,
Ce qu'ils seront autheurs de grand conflict:
Auant ciel veu serain espee & lance,
Que vers main gauche se plus grand afflict.

The gods will make it appear to mankind
that they are the authors of a great war.
Before the sky was seen to bee free of weapons and rockets:
the greatest damage will be inflicted on the left.


Souz vn la paix par tout sera clamee,
Mais non long temps pille, & rebellion,
Par refus ville, terre & mer entamee,
Morts & captifs le tiers d'vn million.

Under one man peace will be proclaimed everywhere,
but not long after will be looting and rebellion.
Because of a refusal, town, land and see will be broached.
About a third of a million dead or captured.


Terre Italique pres monts tremblera,
Lyon & Coq non trop confederez,
En lieu de peur l'vn l'autre s'aidera,
Seul Catulon & Celtes moderez.

The Italian lands near the mountains will tremble.
The Cock and the Lion not strongly united.
In place of fear they will help each other.
Freedom alone moderates the French.


Au port Selin le tyran mis à mort,
La liberté non pourtant recouuree:
Le nouueau Mars par vindicte & remort,
Dame par force de frayeur honoree.

The tyrant Selim will be put to death at the harbour
but Liberty will not be regained, however.
A new war arises from vengeance and remorse.
A lady is honoured through force of terror.


Deuant moustier trouué enfant besson,
D'heroic sang de moine & vetustique:
Son bruit par secte langue & puissance son,
Qu'on dira fort esleué le vopisque.

In front of a monastery will be found a twin infant
from the illustrious and ancient line of a monk.
His fame, renown and power through sects and speech
is such that they will say the living twin is deservedly chosen.


Celuy qu'aura la charge de destruire
Temples, & sectes, changez par fantasie:
Plus au rochers qu'aux viuans viendra nuire,
Par langue ornee d'oreilles rassasie.

A man will be charged with the destruction 
of temples and sectes, altered by fantasy.
He will harm the rocks rather than the living,
ears filled with ornate speeches.


Ce que fer, flamme n'a s&cced;eu paracheuer,
La douce langue au conseil viendra faire:
Par repos, songe, le Roy fera resuer,
Plus l'ennemy en feu, sang militaire.

That which neither weapon nor flame could accomplish
will be achieved by a sweet speaking tongue in council.
Sleeping, in a dream, the king will see
the enemy not in war or of military blood.


Le chef qu'aura conduit peuple infiny
Loing de son ciel, de moeurs & langue estrange,
Cinq mil en Crete & Thessalie finy,
Le chef fuyant sauué en marine grange.

The leader who will conduct great numbers of people
far from their skies, to foreign customs and language.
Five thousand will die in Crete and Thessaly,
the leader fleeing in a sea going supply ship. 


Le grand monarque que fera compagnie
Auec deux Roys vnis par amitié:
O quel souspir fera la grand mesgnie,
Enfants Narbon à l'entour quel pitié.

The great king will join 
with two kings, united in friendship.
How the great household will sigh:
around Narbon what pity for the children.


Long temps au ciel sera veu gris oyseau,
Aupres de Dole & de Toscane terre:
Tenant au bec vn verdoyant rameau,
Mourra tost grand & finera la guerre.

For a long time a grey bird will be seen in the sky
near Dôle and the lands of Tuscany.
He holds a flowering branch in his beak,
but he dies too soon and the war ends.