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Site Info

This site was born on July 11, 2002. I wanted a place to host all my fics, stories and poems. I used to post my fics at fanfiction.net but they splited the site in two, making fictionpress.net and anyway, I always wanted a site of my own. And so, this site was born.

Almost everything I write is listed here. Almost? Yup. There are stuff that I'm way too ashamed of to even think of letting anyone else read. *thinks about a certain X-Files fic*. But that was my writing years ago. I've gotten better and I want to get better, the reason why I post my stuff on the net. To receive feedback. ;)

Current layout. Version 2: simple. I'm not much of an artist when it comes to website design so I like this simple look. With this look, I also created 3 b&w banners.

Why the name Mystikal Dreams? Good question. Maybe because I live in a dream. ;)

This page is ęCopyright 2002 of Aelyva. All graphics, arts and pictures do not belong to me. But my writing belongs to me. Do not take without persmission. It is a personnal site. I gain no profit from it. Check the different pages for the right disclaimer.