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AoS Stories

My Sinbad stories. I started writing in the Sinbad fandom in 1999 and I was still active in 2003. It's not the case anymore. I still intend to finish Shadows of Destiny, but after that, I plan to completely retire. How long will I take to finish it, I'm not really sure, as I'm just not very motivated. But I'm still trying very hard!

Important...please do not take any of these stories without my permisson. Stealing isn't nice! Oh, and I better warn you. Although my stories are Maeve friendly, they are all set during second season and mostly deal with Sinbad and Bryn. Don't bother sending me flames, saying you don't like that couple. You'll only amuse me.

Shadows of Destiny: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 ~ 9 ~ 10
[on hiatus] Sinbad/Bryn. Rated Pg13 for some bad words and violence. Angsty and a little dark with some romance thrown in. Bryn doesn't remember her past, but why? And what exactly is hidden in her past? Would it be better if she didn't remember?

[complete] An Alternate Ending to the Hell House episode. What if Scratch decides to take advantage of the fact that Bryn is there? Warning: character deaths ahead.

Over the Rainbow
[complete] A party never turned so bad for the Nomad crew...A challenge answer for Jenn's challenge on the sinbadbryn mailing list. Rated Pg13 for violence, language and maybe some disturbing events. story.

About that Kiss
[complete] One hour challenge answer. Bryn POV. Definitively Angsty. Bryn's thoughts after the kiss in 'The Stalkers'.

Meant to be
[complete] A drabble. Can be a compagnion piece to About that Kiss.

I love you from A to Z
[complete] Weird one, and probably not one of my best. Another challenge answer, which I had a hard time with. Just don't judge this fic with my others. It's very different...and maybe not in a good way.

Mesapolis: 1
[dropped] A fic I started writing long ago, but couldn't continue, because of Shadows of Destiny. When this fic is finish, I'll concentrate on this one. In the meantime, enjoy the first chapter! I'll probably have to revise it later...Sinbad and the crew get stuck in a town that seems to bring only troubles and what's that about a girl having eyes for Sinbad?

DISCLAIMER: All AoS characters are the property of Atlantis & All-American TV, all rights reserved and so on. They are used entirely without permission, do not belong to me, and no copyright infringement is in any way intended or desired. Original characters created by me belong to me. All the stories here are owned by me and only me. Do not take without permission.

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