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Story Recs

I love to read a good story. But I'm hard to please and I easily drop a story. But lucky me, there *are* good stories out there! If you want to read something good, I suggest you to read those. I read in a lot of fandoms and read a lot of different pairings. In fact, if it's good, I'll probably read it. There are just a very few pairings or type of story that I'll never read, no matter how good.
Warning: some of these stories are rated NC-17 and some contains slash/yaoi/shonnen-ai.

*Anita Blake*
Dead Words by Ceruse
Let's face it. Well written Anita fics are hard to find. But here's one. It starts with Anita getting a phone call about a book adresssed to her and signed by Dominic Dumare...and it seems like that book is wanted by a lot of people.

Tight Rope by Flamika
Anita Blake/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover. Sounds weird? But it works. Staring Larry as the main character. If you're a Larry fan, then it's a must read. If you're not, well here's your chance to become one! Larry/Zane.

Shatter me by Goldberry
Ichigo/Rukia. A powerful little piece.

Rumors by junkdog
It all started with Mizuro announcing he saw a girl climbing into Ichigo's window... Funny, Rukia and Ichigo nicely portrayed. I had a smile from the first line and 5 minutes after finishing reading it.

Achilles Heel by Elizabeth
Buffy/Spike, in Buffy POV. One of my favorites, if not my favorite. Buffy and Spike are cursed. Set during season 4, before the chip. Both characters are so well written and that's not easy to find in Buffy/Spike fics. Mostly Spike.

The Last Summer by Annie Sewell-Jennings
Buffy/Spike. NC17. After a nuclear apocalypse, Buffy and Spike meet in Australia for possibly the last summer Earth will know. The first Buffy/Spike story I ever read. It's dark, angsty and so damn good. Spuffy at its best.

100 years of Solitude by Isabelle
Buffy/Spike. NC17. Buffy died at the end of 'The Gift', but is brought back to life after 100 years and Spike's the only one left she knows... Awesome story. How 100 years changed Spike is...surprising but good enough for this Spuffy fan. ;)

The Dark Midnight Series by Misty Flores
Angel and X-men crossover. Angel/Cordelia. This series is totally awesome. It's The-Xmen meet Angel Investigation. Mutans and Vampires. It rocks.

Funny by Vanessa
Angel/Cordelia. Totally angsty. Totally smart. Totally ass-kicking. Dark. Angsty. It has everything for me to like it and it's so damn good that I like it.

Five by Five by Vanessa
Angel. Cordelia. Wesley. Faith. That's all I need to say. ;) I could keep recommending each of Ness' fics one by one, but it'll be easier for me to say to go and read them all. ;)

Astray by Frank Verderosa
Tifa/Reno. It takes place four years after the game. I don't know where to begin to describe this story. It's well written, powerful and so damn good you'll want to read it all in one shot. One of the best characterization of Reno I've seen. (the link doesn't work anymore and I haven't found another site where this story is hosted, but I'll keep it here, just in case...)

Sink to the Bottom with you By Catalina
Some Yuffie/Vincent goodness. Avalanche and the Turks must work together to find Reeve who's been kidnapped. Each character receives good developpement and the OC aren't as annoying as they usually are. In fact, I kinda like them! Besides, it's damn well written. For that alone, you should read it.

Choices we make by T'Shael
I'm talking about this one, but it's a series of currently 4 stories. This is the third one, and where the story is getting really really great. It's actually Aeris/Sephiroth centric*gasp*, but all the character makes appearance, and most of them play an important role, Turks included, with some Yuffie/Reno goodness. The Sequel, Price of a Heart, is toping 80 chapters and isn't done yet. A must read.

The Shape of his Heart by Gabi-hime
Rikku/Auron, my favorite pairing for this fandom. I absolutely adore this story one because instead of the usual 'follow the game storyline', it takes a different turn at one point, and everything falls from there. And it's so well-written, something I had a hard time to find in this fandom.

Gravity by Unsung Hero
Rikku/Auron. Ironically, this one's actually a re-telling of the game. In Rikku's POV. But it's well done and it never gets boring even though we know what's going to happen. Or maybe not...

*Fruits Basket*
Equally Cursed and Blessed by Caer
Yuki/Kyo. Oh my. I never thought I would ever read something about this pairing. I could see them as friends, but as more? No way....until this story came. I'm not saying it turned me into a big Yuki/Kyo fan, that's not the point. The point is, this story makes this pairing believable, while keeping everyone in character. That's enough for me. It starts with Akito stealing Kyo's bracelet and from there, we get drag deeper into the darkness of the Sohma's secrets.

Discoveries by Merrow
Kyo/Tohru/Yuki. Tohru's friends learn Kyo and Yuki's secrets and the three decide to run away. A very nice fic with a good plot.

Fruits Fiction by Jill
The messed up and complicated love life of Shigure and Hatori. Angsty and a nicely well-done Shigure. And well...just because it's Mayuko and Shigure! ;)

The Red Butterfly Clip by sasori
Yuki/Machi. Yuki struggles to find way to give Machi a gift and the different ways it could happen are hilarious and realisctic. I liked especially the one with Ayame.

In Passing by Zapenstap
Sort of Yuki/Machi. A nice Machi-centric fic.

*Harry Potter*
The Fire & the Rose by Abby & Anne
Hermione/Snape. NC17. I became fan of the pairing thanks to this story. It's a 'switch bodies' type of story, but if it were just that, I wouldn't have liked it so much. Snape having to act like a teenager girl is hilarious and Hermione having to play the bad and sarcastic Potion Master is as well. Angsty at places. Smutty at others. A must read for anyone who's 18 and up.

The Makings of a Modern Love Triangle by Misty Flores
Harry/Hermione/Ron. Not enough to convince you? What happens when Harry and Ron start thinking about Hermione in a a-bit-more-than-a-friend way? But no, not them. Hermione is really just a friend. Right? A good dose of humour, great characterization and very entertaining.

Falling Further In by kaz
Hermione/Snape. 7th year. Hermione passes the summer at Hogwarts and begins to learn more about Snape. It's good. That's all.

After the End by Arabella and Zsenya
Post Hogwarts. It has amazing characterization, amazing character developpement and an amazing plot. Most of all, what happened to the characters of the books, and everything that happens in the story make sense and feel real. A truly amazing piece of fanfiction. ;)

Harry Potter and the Society of Orpheus and Bacchus by A.L. de Sauveterre
Fifth year. Two new teachers. Plus all our favorite characters. I honestly don't know how to summarize that story... It's...different. And it's really good. Oh heck, I put it there for a reason and that should be enough...

Muggle Studies by Slytherincess
Draco/Pansy. A duel between George and Draco results in him having to take Muggle Studies... A very interesting look into the Slytherins house, with all of them having a personnality. Plus, I really like how Pansy is portrayed. Realistic and not the two-dimensional character of the books. Also nice relationships between the Slytherins and the other houses. Four Stars! ;)

Formidable Expectations by Jubilee
Draco/Pansy. Yup again. But a different look, a slightly different way of seeing Pansy and Draco. And oh, a Pansy/Dean being paired-up in an Herbiology... which is surely going to bring interesting...results. *g* I especially like how Pansy, Snape and Draco are portrayed. As of now, it's only two chapters long, but if continues to be this good, it's on the way to be a five star story.

Soledad by Thunk
Sango/Sesshoumaru. I can't stand much canon pairings in this fandom and alt. pairings weren't easy to find, and so to find a good one...This fic takes one of the weirdess and least possible pairing of all and makes it so possible it makes you want to see it in the anime! It's part of a triology so maybe you should read the first part before...and the first part is Kagome/Inuyasha. But I survived it, so if I did, you will. And the third part is Kouga/Kagura. Very good as well. ;)

When Ice Burns by Kylara
Kikyou/Sesshoumaru. The fic that gave me the idea of thinking of writing a fic with this pairing. Only two chapters and it's been ahwile since it has been updated, but hopefully, the author will continue to write it because it has a great and very promising start.

By Any Other Name by Deviation
An Inuyasha/Yu Yu Hakusho crossover. I'm not a big Kagome fan. And while YuYu is what I'd call an 'entertaining' anime, it isn't among my favorite. I admit, I wasn't expecting much when I began reading it. But damn, I changed my mind fast. It's good. Really good. The two shows cross over with each other pretty well, the characters are well-written and the plot keeps twisting and keeps the reader guessing and wondering. And it's looonnnggggg. ;)

*One Piece*
Watermarks by Y St.Ace
I had a lot of trouble trying to find good One Piece fics. But I finally did. Centered around Vivi and Kozha, whom I find rather cute together. ;) Things are not so peaceful after the rebellion...

When I close my eyes by Archica
Luffy and Nami have a chat on the deck at night. A sweet small Luffy/Nami fic set after the Arlong arc.

Emptiness by Archica
AU Nami/Zoro. In a universe where Luffy isn't there, a broken Nami sought out Zoro to Kill Arlong.

*Stargate Sg-1*
Secrets and Shadows by SelDear
Psycho Pete at its best. ;) Okay, so it's not enough to describe this story. S&J angst, smart-ass Daniel, A Teal'c that cracks me up (but he usually does). Pretty good stuff.

Fragments by Moonshayde
Daniel/Janet. When a mission leaves Daniel Jackson in pieces, can Doctor Fraiser and SG-1 take his fragments and make him whole again?

*The X-Files*
Gutless by Magdeleine
A case of death. And a parrot. Hilarious. An amazing insight on Scully's thoughts about her partner, not always chaste thoughts. A pleasure to read.

A Cappella by Kit Spooner
[Card Captor Sakura] Tomoyo/Eriol. It's a masterpiece. Well structured, well written, amazing characterization...

Sainan no Kekka by Quicksilver & Gerald
[Gundam Wing] Once upon a time, I was a Gundam Wing fan. But that was then and this is now. I don't watch the show anymore, I rarely visit any site about it anymore, but there are still fics that I follow. And this is one of them. An amazing plot, a good graps of the characters (meaning no OOCness, which I can't stand) and it tries to stay as canon as possible (meaning no yaoi). I particually love their characterization of Heero, something that not many authors get right. It's long, very long and all the characters play a part.

Waters Under Earthby Alan Harnum
[Ranma] Eck, who in the Ranma fandom doesn't know this story? A truly masterpiece, so well written and with a very interesting plot. Most of the cast play an important part in the story and are perfectly written.

Hearts of Iceby Krista
[Ranma] Another Ranma story who doesn't need much introduction. Not yet finished, but the author is still working on it. Even after all these years, I still take great pleasure to read it. Akane is simply amazing in this story.

Freaks Flock Together by Agent Orange
[Cowboy Bebop] There are not many Cowboy Bebop fics that can capture the essence of the serie. This one does. The Bebop gang goes undercover at an institute for troubled families to catch a shrink with a shady past. Acting dysfunctional won't be much of a problem for them... rated R for language.

Scarlet Ribbons by Jessi Albano
[Weiss Kreuz] Now, I never finished watching the anime, I never will, but I'll read any good fic, as long as I have small knowledge of the serie. And this one is pretty good. No Yaoi, a rare thing. And a very interesting characterisation of Aya-chan. Really good.

Laws of Gravity by Brynn McK
[BattleStar Galactica] Kara/Lee with some Kara/Zack. Lessons in history, chemistry, physics, and other assorted subjects at the Fleet Academy. A nice look at how Kara and Lee met.

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