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About me

All you ever dream of knowing about me! ;)

Name: My online name is Rianna and my nick is Aelyva. I used to be Myst.

Birth: December 6, 1982, meaning I'm 21.

Place of residence: Montreal, Qc. That's in Canada for those of you who have no idea where Québec is...

Languages speaking: French as my first one, then English, a little Spanish and very very little of Japanese, thanks to alot of subs anime watching! ;)

Occupation:University student in Translation, previously in kinesiology. Working in a supermarket. I make bread (sort of) among other things.

Hobbies: Writing obviously, reading books and fanfiction, watching anime, sports (mostly badmiton), traveling (although I don't have money to do that and I haven't been anywhere in years) and from times to times I like to play games either on computer or on my very old NES or on my PS2.

Favorite TV show: I don't watch much tv these days, but I still enjoy, though it's over, Buffy and Angel. Still enjoy watching from times to times an episode of Stargate and Charmed.

Favorite Anime: RahXephon, Monster, Fruits Basket, Grave of the Fireflies, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Vision of Escaflowne, Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen.

Favorite Manga: Monster, 20th Century Boys, Fruist Basket, Hana Yori Dango, Eden, Nana, Clover, Planetes, Berserk.

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars original triology, The Matrix (the first movie only). I haven't been watching many movies lately though.

Favorite Music: Mostly metal. Favorite groups are Blind Guardian, Kamelot, Evergrey, Nightwish, Iron Maiden, Metallica (old stuff), Lost Horizon, Edguy, Lacuna Coil, Soilwork, Sirenia. Non-metal favorites are Sarah Mclauchlan, Sarah Brightman, Queen. I also like some anime OST.

Favorite Books: Lord of the Rings, the Dune series, IT by Stephen King, Jacqueline Cary's Kushiel Triology, The Black Jewels Triogoly by Anne Bishop.

Things I like: Free stuff, sleeping, summer, running, my cat, other languages, visiting new places, coffee, ice cream, gum, anything fantasy (dragons, unicorns, wizards...), RPG, color blue (any shades, but pale is my favorite), vampires, dark stories, people who send constructive comments (*hint* *hint*).

Things I don't like: waiting, having to work, not being able to sleep, boysband (aka N'Sync and all), Birtney Spears, snow (add to that winter, cold weather...), American football, liars, cooking, cleaning, having to get up at 6am, traffic jam, people who don't like French speaking people, pink cloths (when they're on me), needles, war.

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