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My Poems

My poems, a piece of my mind. Those are just a small part of my collection. I probably won't post them all because some are too old, too personnal or too weird. Some poems may be in French, so be warned. French is my mother tongue, and some poems sound better in French than in English, so I'll write them in French. If you understand French, then great, you'll be able to read them, and if you don't...too bad for you!

Misty Insanity
A poem coming straight from my weirdness. It totally deserves its title.

Do and Do Not
Don't let the title stop you. A pessimist poem about things children should learn when they face the world... Actually one of my favorite poems.

[in French] I tried to write it in English, but for some reasons, it ended up in French, and it turned out pretty well I must say.

Mon Ami
[in French] I wrote this one a long time ago, during a depression phase, so it's a little dark and depression.

Requiem pour un Angel Déchu
[in French] The title says it all. ;)

[in French] When you're there, but no one sees you.

Down from Paradise
A Poem-Story. My only poem written in Alexandrin and probably the only I'll write, since it had been damn hard! A few moralities behind this one.

Frozen Future
The eternal battle between light and dark, a view from both sides.

Reality or Dream?
Ever had a dream that feels so real? That's what this poem is about.

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