My Favorite Links

Here are some links that I like to visit once in a while. They are all very beautiful sites, owned by some talented people.


The DrakkanWeb Amazing Fantasy site with pics of Dragons, Unicorns and more. Even some great poetry.
Dragon Forest One of the biggest Dragon picture archive. Some of the best work there.
Fantasy Name Generator No idea what name to give a character? Use this! ;)



Anime Academy The best reviews of Anime on the net and a great forum!
Inuyasha Screen Captures More than screen captures, this is one of my favorite Inuyasha site!
ErMaC Studios One of my favorite AMV creator.
Tailweaver's Chronicles A great fanfic writer in tons of anime fandom. Her Inuyasha fic is amazing!
The Drowned World Another great writer. Some great yaoi GW fics.
Alan Harnum's Anime Fanfiction What the titles says. Amazing writer. Check Waters Under Earth, a Ranma fic. A master piece!

TV Show

Lovers' Box Sinbad site, focusing on the relationship between Sinbad and Bryn.
The Stargate SG-1 Compendium SG1 site. Check out the fic 'Frozen Flame'. A master piece!
Meandering Muse Laure's fics. She writes some awesome Buffy fics.


Another Final Fantasy VII Page Some of the best FF7 fics on the net!
GameBanshee A great site for info on some RPG PC games

Misc THE place for Metal fans. An amazing collection of CD reviews and lots more. Fanfiction for you to read until the end of time...
Hopeless Romantic & Damn Proud Tons of HRADP banners for lots of fandoms.
The Wondering Minstrels An amazing and huge collection of the best poems by the best poets.
Fiction Factor A great site that gives great tips for writers.

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