Down from Paradise
by Aelyva

Under a red starless sky, the Dark Angel fell
Kicked out and damned from Heaven, he was sent to Hell
Angry and full of hate, he didn't understand
Why he was banned from this mighty and golden land

Devils and demons laughed loud and cruelly
At the Angel who bowed his head miserably
Rejected because of his dark feathers, he cried
He was all alone, even if he tried and tried

In Hell, there was only pain and loneliness
The Angel lived, but inside, he felt emptiness
He wanted a second chance, return in Heaven
To take back his seat at the High Council Seven

He regretted the sins he committed too late
The Angels could not forgive all the pain and hate
He would never go back in the past and erase
All of his mistakes toward his one and only race

Now the Angel will pay for all eternity
Because of lessons of life he never learned
The tears of blood he sheds and the horror he screams
Echo in the Dark Hell with others, it seems.


Written: May 5, 2002