Do and Do Not
by Aelyva

Join hands and dance
On Death's Road

Sing your lullaby
But look under your bed
Before turning off the light

Listen to mom and dad
Because they know
What's coming for you

Bleed not on the carpet
For it will scar
And always remain

Do not hit others
For they will hit you back harder
And you'll fall lower and lower

Speak not
Words are weapon
Used to slash and cut

Do not fail
There is no second chance
Only shame

Do not trust
Friends will backstab you
For a yes or no

Do not believe
For He won't care
If you live or die

Do not love
Only pain is at the end
Staying with you always

Lie and lie
For it's the only protection
To survive

But do live
If only to see
How horrible it is


Written: June 13, 2002