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Welcome to my little place on the web. You will mostly find here fan fictions, poems and original stories written by me. That's about all there is of interest here. I have no artistic talent to draw. Besides, writing is my passion. I don't update often, but I'm always writing, so it's a matter of time before I put something new. And I always finish what I start. It may takes years, but I'll finish it.

Don't expect flashy site design from me. I'm just an amateur at html and all that stuff and don't have time to create nice designs. Don't mind the cover, it's the content that's important.

I used to be called Myst. Now I'm Aelyva. The one and only. Or so, I'm supposed to be, as I created that name myself. It doesn't mean anything, but it's very 'me' at the same time.

This page is ęCopyright 2002-2004 of Aelyva. All graphics, arts and pictures do not belong to me. But my writing belongs to me. Do not take without persmission. It is a personnal site. I gain no profit from it. Check the different pages for the right disclaimer.