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Author's Notes for The Legend of the Chosen One

Last updated: November 01, 2004

Rating: R (for violence, bad languages, disturbing and dark situations)

Warnings: Disturbing, intense, strong language, torture, character deaths, angst and darkness.

Category: Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Dark, Drama, Angst, Romance

Story Info: 'Legend of the Chosen One' is composed of Five Books. As 'light' as the first book seems to be, don't think the foure other books are going to be like it. It is also a huge work, with themes, messages and some symbolisms. It centers strongly on character developement, making the characters more important than the plot itself. But it doesn't mean the plot isn't important, because it is. The story is unfinished, and will take a few years to be done, probably.

Summary: Earth and Leven. Two worlds completely different from each other. Earth, technologist, materialist and capitalist where humans, only different by the color of their skin, fight among themselves. Leven, land of magical creatures, wizards and warriors, struggle to survive the invasion of demons. But as different as they are, the two worlds are linked. A deep link, buried and unspoken.

A chosen one, destined to save a world - so different from hers in so many ways - from the Evil that threatens it. A guardian, selected to protect her and help her on her journey. This is what the legend proclaims, a legend long forgotten, soon to be rebirth.

But their quest goes much more deeper than what they both thought. It is not only a quest to defeat the Evil that lies in the depth of Leven. The chosen one, her guardian and their comrades who join them in their task along the way will also have to face and confront their worst fears. And their past.

Status: The first two books are completely outlined, chapter by chapter. The rest of the books are only outlined generally.

Archive: Please ask first. I might agree or not, depending on the site. Besides my site, this story is also on on FictionPress.

Disclaimer: This story is mine. Do not steal or post without permission. Any similarities with other stories on the Internet or in books are completely unintentional. All characters belong to me. I created them from my imagination so any ressemblance with anyone is unintentionnal. The world of Leven comes from my own creation and the few races I created belong to me as well. I made a few liberties with a few races, such as Elves and Druids.

Author's Notes : I don't know how long it can take me to finish a chapter. I'm in University and so, a lot of my time is passed studying. I'm also very perfectionist when it comes to my story. I generally have to go through the chapter many times before being somehow happy with it and then, I need to send it to my betas and I still go through it at least twice after they send it back to me. This story is also my baby. I enjoy working on it, but I know that I'm not a perfect writer, far from it. Any comments to improve my skills are welcome. You can say that this story is a sort of experiment for me. I took a over-used theme, a girl chosen to save a world, but it's so much more than that and very different from the usual.

Warning #1: There are a lot of questions that only get answered in the second or third book. Some readers might not like that, but it's necessary for the story to be this way. Characters are made to be mysterious and you discover a bit more about them as the story goes and even during the fifth book, you'll still discover new stuff. I build complex characters that are always changing with events they have to go through.

Warning #2: Like I said previously, the first book is a lot lighter than the rest of the story. Happy endings aren't always how stories must end. Characters also have to suffer and go through disturbing situations to change, to grow up. If you don't like dark stories, you can read the first book, but I wouldn't suggest you to read further.

Warning #3: I started working on this story during Summer 2002 and so, it is possible I'll come back and change early chapters as I write the story. Keep that in mind that it's only a draft that you are reading and not the final version. How different the final version is going to be from the draft is currently unknown. The main storyline probably won't change, but other details might, as well as characters.

Warning #4: Like I said, Legend of the Chosen One is a five books story that is far from being finished. The five books are outlined, but only the first two have a detailed outline. I also need to do some research for this story, mostly on Elf, Druids and such legendary races. And so, when it will be finished, I don't know, but what is sure is that it's going to be finished one day, so don't lose hope! I always finish what I started and this is a project I don't intend to get rid of in the middle. There is going to be an end, unless I die first.

Feedback : I love feedback. I especially love criticism. So don't feel shy to tell me what you honestly think and give me some suggestions, things to ameliorate, etc.

Meaning Behind Words: In this story, I'll use a few words coming from other languages. Names of characters, or towns, etc. So here's the list. Some of them haven't appeared in the story yet, but will later on.

Leven = Life in Dutch
Valaki = One in Hungarian
Ubel = Evil in German
Draak = Dragon in Dutch
Belle = Beautiful in French
Slang = Snake in Hungarian
Piros = Red in Hungarian
Himmel = Sky in German
Wolke = Cloud in German
Balans = Fly in Dutch
Jager = Hunter in Dutch

Also notice that Leven has ten countries and that those countries names are the ten first numbers in German. When I first started, they were in French, but I then switched because it sounded a bit weird, and it seems a lot better to me in German.

This page is ęCopyright 2002 of Aelyva. All graphics, arts and pictures do not belong to me. But my writing belongs to me. Do not take without persmission. It is a personnal site. I gain no profit from it. Check the different pages for the right disclaimer.