written by Aelyva

Chapter 2: The Meeting

I'm lost but still I know
There is another world
'Imaginations from the Other side' - Blind Guardian


The voice took Allison by surprise and she dropped the small bottle. It went crashing on the ground and broke down in small pieces, the sound echoing in the silence of the night. Allison stared at them, relief flowing inside her. She didn’t know why exactly, but she was glad of the interruption. She let out the breath she had been holding since Ubel had handed her the bottle and the knife. Her eyes moved to the knife in her right hand. She had been holding it so hard that her knuckles were white. She relaxed her grip and moved it away from her wrist. She didn’t let go though. Having a weapon in hand might not be such a bad idea.

Ubel still hadn’t moved from his position, but he wasn’t looking at her anymore. His whole body was shaking with anger and he held his axe in front of him in an offensive position.

She turned her hand and her gaze finally settled on the owner of the voice, which had interrupted her. Two or three feet away from them stood a man, maybe in his mid twenties, Allison couldn’t be sure. His eyes, a very pale shade of blue, looked much older, and weren’t moving from Ubel’s form. His hair was as black as the night and fell on his shoulder. He had two small blue braids on each side, falling over his ears. The color looked as natural as the black hair.

Dyed hair never looked so real…

She frowned when she saw his cloths. He wore black pants and a white shirt. At first glance, nothing wrong with them, but a closer look revealed the uniqueness of the cloths. So unique Allison doubted the most bizarre shop had anything like them. The material or the style maybe. The white shirt had sleeves that stopped at his elbow and rough-looking laces orned the front of the shirt. It made her think of those cloths people wore in her history book centuries ago. Probably some Middle-Age fanatic.

The man moved closer and Allison noticed he was holding a…sword? She groaned. How much weirder was it going to get? But the sword was nothing like she had seen in movies. It glowed red and it didn’t seem to be made in metal. The first thought that crossed her mind was that the sword was some sort of toy but she quickly rejected that idea. It looked too dangerous to be a toy.

“Move away.”

Allison jumped as he spoke. She first thought he was speaking to her, but his eyes were still on Ubel.

Ubel didn’t move. “How did you get here?”

The man smiled slightly. “That is no concern of yours. Now, move away from the girl.” His blue eyes glanced at Allison. “That was a foolish thing you were about to do.”

Allison frowned. She knew it was foolish, she didn’t need some weird stranger to tell her that!

“Who the hell are you?”

“I am Valaki, your guardian.”

Allison blinked a few times, not sure if she heard him right. “My…my what?”

But before he could answer, Ubel suddenly jumped toward him, his axe ready to swing. Allison screamed a warning, which turned out to be unnecessary. Valaki moved out of the axe’s way without hurry.

Frustrated that he missed, Ubel immediately charged again. This time, Valaki didn’t move, but blocked the axe with his sword.

Nope, definitely not a toy.

Ubel slowly backed away, snarling. “I should’ve known you’d be around. Now that I know, I’ll be ready next time. We’ll meet again soon,” he said, the last part directed to Allison.

She watched him running away, until he disappeared in the night. She felt better now that he was gone. That guy had given her the creeps. His eyes…Allison shivered and knew those eyes would haunt her dreams for a long time.

Still holding the knife, Allison turned to face the man – Valaki, she thought he said his name was – that saved her from having to cut her wrist. He really was gorgeous, but now that her mind wasn’t bothered by Ubel, she noticed that he didn’t look totally…human. Not because of his skin – it was darker than hers, like he was very tanned – or his eyes, like it had been the case with Ubel. It was…something else…

Since Ubel wasn’t human at all, why would he? She almost wouldn’t be surprised.

“Are you done staring yet?”

Allison, startled to have been caught, blushed. She couldn’t believe she had been staring at him like that! It was so embarrassing. “Sorry,” she mumbled, uneasy. He had, after all, blocked Ubel’s attacks easily when she had had a hard time not getting her head cut off. And how could she know he was a good guy? Maybe he fought Ubel so he would get to kill her! Damn, Al. Get a hold on yourself! You’ve been watching way too much TV! You’re getting paranoid.

She then remembered what he said earlier. “Wha-what did you meant when you said you were ‘my guardian’?”

He moved closer to her and Allison had to look up a little to meet his eyes. She gulped. She always had a soft spot for blue eyes. His were so pale, but still so blue… A cold blue. Cold blue eyes that could freeze you…

“You are the Chosen One, and I am your Guardian.”

His voice brought her back from her dreamy thoughts, and she frowned. “That doesn’t explain much. Like I said to Ubel, I’m not a damn chosen one.” She was getting pissed of that word being said in relation with her.

Valaki sighed. “Yes, you are. You are the one who can destroy the evil that threatens my world. Leven.”

Leven. That’s the same name Ubel mentioned. Uck. They probably escaped from the same psychiatric hospital, she thought dryly. She didn’t have the time to listen to that kind of babbling. She wanted to go to bed and to forget about this evening that had started so well but was getting weirder and weirder. “That’s really nice, but I’m tired and I’d like to go home, so if you could leave me al-” Allison stopped abruptly, her eyes catching something unusual moving behind the man. Didn’t look very human…

“Y-you…you have a t-t-tail!” She shouted, her finger pointing. She took a few steps back, shaking. If her eyes hadn’t wandered around, she probably wouldn’t have noticed it. But she could now see it, slowly balancing from left to right.

Valaki looked amused by her reaction. “Humans can be funny. Now, we should get going.”


Valaki sighed again, starting to lose his patience. “Yes. To Leven.”

Allison shook her head. “I am going nowhere with a crazy psycho like you.” And without wasting anymore breath, she ran as fast as she could. Not once did she glance back, but she couldn’t hear any footsteps, so maybe he had decided to leave her alone.

As she arrived at the front door, Allison frenetically took her keys out of her pocket, looking over her shoulder to see if he was going to jump out of the shadows and…

She flew into her house, rapidly closed the door, locked it and leaned against it, her heart beating fast. She sank to the floor, her breathing ragged, but already feeling more secure now that she was safe inside her home.

He had a tail…


At ten the next morning, Allison went down in the kitchen to get herself a cup of coffee. She hadn’t gotten much sleep last night, and when she had found some, yellow eyes and tailed people haunted her dreams. Weird…Weird to the point she wondered if last night hadbeen real or if was all just a very long dream.

Sighing, she took her cup and went in the living room where her grandmother was watching a cooking show. She had been asleep on the couch when Allison got home, which had probably been a good thing, seeing her state. She wouldn’t have been able to explain to her grandmother what had happened.

At 65, Rose Desmarais looked younger than most people her age and was still in great shape. Her grey-white hair was braided and fell to her back. Allison always thought no one looked as good with grey hair as her grandmother did. She could only wish it would be the same for her.

Her dark eyes softened when they landed on her, leaving the television screen. “Did you have fun last night?”

Allison nodded with a smile. “Yes. Marian gave me this necklace.” She showed it to her grandmother, who nodded in appreciation. “And Rick agreed to go see a movie this afternoon.”

Rose smiled. “That’s good. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Be sure to bring this young man home one day, so I can meet him.”

Allison’s cheek flushed. “Granny! It’s not serious…yet.” She stared at her cup while her grandmother chuckled softly. She had to tell what happened to her last night. She couldn’t keep it for herself; it would drive her nuts. She just didn’t know how to bring up the subject. Oh yeah, on my way home, I met a guy with a red face and yellow eyes who wanted my blood and another guy, rather cute, but with a tail, who wanted me to come to Leven. Know where it is?

She’ll probably think I was drunk…

“Allison honey, is there something wrong?”

Allison sighed. How to tell her? “I…it’s…nothing…”

“You know you can tell me everything.”

“But it’s…you wouldn’t believe me…”

Rose gave her a soft smile. “I know you wouldn’t lie to me.”

Allison slowly nodded and started her story; from the moment she met Ubel until she ran away from Valaki, not leaving a detail out. As she spoke, she realized how crazy her story sounded. She’ll probably send me to the psychiatric hospital. And so, afraid to see the expression on Rose’s face, she kept her eyes down. Even when she finished speaking, she didn’t moved, waiting for her grandmother to get up and call the doctor or to start screaming, or anything…but still there was silence.

Soon, Allison couldn’t stand it anymore. “I-I wasn’t drunk or on drugs, you have to believe me! Maybe I was so tired that I imagined it all. Yes, it was all in my head, I had-”




Allison flinched. Her grandmother rarely spoke in French to her, only using it when she was really angry – which hadn’t happened in years – or in deep emotional turmoil. She let escape a few words from time to time, but she used English, mostly to make Allison feel more at ease. Besides, Allison wasn't fluently speaking French. She had enough trouble as it was to write English without making mistakes, she would only be more confused if she learned another language. But she did know enough French to understand her grandmother.

She slowly looked up to meet her grandmother’s eyes. They were watching her, no trace of anger in them.

Her grandmother gave her a small smile, but it didn’t reach her eyes. “I…thought…no, I hoped it wouldn’t be you…”

Allison frowned. “What do you mean?”

Rose sighed. “Leven…It had been a story in our family for a very long time. My father didn’t believe it, but I had always been intrigued by it when I was young…but never truly believe such story was true.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Leven is, from what the story said, a world far away that shares a sort of link with ours. It is very vague and there is no explanation of the nature of the link,” she said before Allison could comment. “But to get back to the story, it seems a long time ago, a great evil came to Leven, wanting to take control. After many years of terrible war, it was sealed away and put to sleep – how, the story doesn’t say – but it still threatened the world. It was said that the one who could destroy it would be born, one day, in this world.” Her grandmother sighed. “If what that man, Valaki, said was true, you are that person.”

No words. Or maybe she forgot how to speak. But only for a moment. The story sounded too fantasy-like to be true that she couldn’t keep quiet about it. “You…you mean what they said was true?” she said, unable to keep the skeptic out of her voice

“Yes, probably. But now, try not to think too much about it and focus on your date with that young man of yours. I’d like you to enjoy your day to the fullest.” Rose smiled at her granddaughter, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes.

“But…what if Ubel comes back, like he said he would?”

Rose winked. “Didn’t you say that the one named Valaki declared himself your guardian? Then, I’m sure he’ll keep an eye on you.”

Allison wasn’t sure if she liked that idea.


After the movie, which was as excellent as the critics had proclaimed, Allison and Rick went to eat an ice cream at La Crémière, the best place to buy ice cream in Montreal, in the opinion of Rick. Allison hadn’t been sure she could watch the movie after everything that happened to her last night, but as soon as the movie started, she jumped right into the story and forgot everything else. She now felt more relaxed. The conversation she had with her grandmother seemed far away now that she had other things to concentrate on.

They sat outside, near the subway station, eating and talking about the movie. The movie helped Allison forget about Ubel and Valaki, and all that chosen one stuff. But now that a comfortable silence had fell between the two, it came back to her and she found herself looking around to see if she could see either of them. But no. There were just people. Normal people, who are enjoying their Saturday afternoon.

Rick elbowed her gently in the side. “You seem to be far away…”

Allison gave him a small smile. “Naw, just thinking about an old story my grandmother told me this morning. Sorry.”

“It must be one hell of a story, to take your attention like that.”

Oh yeah, one hell of a story… “It was…interesting…But some people really have a huge imagination, inventing worlds and all...” Only in this story, it’s not really imaginary. It seems to really exist.

Rick chuckled. “Yes, just take the book that Mrs. Murphy made us read last year, what a – hey isn’t that Edouard?”

Allison silently groaned and looked at the direction Rick was pointing her. Yes, it was Edouard with one of his friends. Damn! After the weirdness I had yesterday, the last thing I need is to be seen by Edouard with Rick…Please don’t see us, please don’t see us!

But luck wasn’t on her side today because Edouard noticed them and immediately started walking toward them, his friend in tow.

Oh great.

“Well, well, who do we have here?” He was smirking, but his eyes landed on Rick, cold. “You two went to see a movie?”

Rick nodded. He didn’t seem to notice the cold glare of Edouard. “Yeah. ‘War in the Stars’. Pretty good movie.”

“Well, that’s fantastic. Pretty cool party last night, don’t you think, Sanders?”

“Not bad, although Marian house is kinda small to hold that many people.”

“But the perfect place since her parents are never there,” Edouard commented, still glaring.

Allison couldn’t believe that Rick couldn’t feel Edouard’s hostility. His friend certainly felt it by the questioning looks he sent to Edouard. Or was Rick ignoring it? If he was, he was a damn good actor. Allison didn’t really think Edouard was jealous. They were friends, even though he annoyed her and Marian more than anything, but with the years, it changed from terrorization to teasing. So maybe Edouard hated Rick for some reason that Allison didn’t know about. She mentally noted to ask Edouard about it Monday, at school.

“It was nice chatting and all, but gotta go now, wouldn’t want to ruin your date, right?” Giving a last glare at Rick, he and his friend left for the subway station.

“I didn’t know you and Edouard were friends.”

Allison threw the rest of her ice cream in the garbage, not hungry anymore. “It’s… a bizarre kind of friendship. Very bizarre.”


Monday mornings. Allison hated them. Having to get up at the sound of the annoying alarm clock. Having to get into school mode after not thinking about it for two whole days. Monday mornings were torture. Besides, what kind of crazy person would put a Math class on Monday morning? It was plain cruelty to the poor students. Of course, the same thought ran into her mind every single Monday mornings. Complaining every single time didn’t help much, but then again, which student didn’t complain on Monday mornings?

Yawning, Allison got out of the bus and made her way toward her school. She hated taking the bus this early in the morning. It was always full of workers and there was never a place to sit down. She had to stand up for an interminable twenty minutes, squeezed between some businessman reading the newspaper and some businesswoman trying to put her lipstick on. Same thing every morning, different people.

She slowly walked on the sidewalk, covering another yawn with her hand. Suddenly she stopped walking and her eyes widened. In front of her stood Valaki. Without thinking, she ran to him, pushing him toward an alley. “People are gonna see your tail!”

Valaki chuckled softly, amused. “Why is that a problem?”

“Because no one around here has tails, except for animals,” Allison answered, taking a tone she would use with little children. “What a stupid question,” she added under her breath.

“No worry. I know exactly how and where to stand if I don’t want anyone to notice it. You were merely lucky to see it.”

Slowly nodding, Allison moved away from him. Friday, you ran away from him and now, you ran to hide with him! That thought bothered her. She didn’t understand her reaction, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to start analyzing it. But still, he was even hotter in the sunlight than in the dark… Al, don’t even go there!

“So, what do you want?” Allison asked him, crossing her arms while she leant on the wall. Inside, she was relieved. He didn’t seem mad about that ‘crazy psycho’ comment from Friday night.

“I see you calmed down a little since our last meeting. That’s good. Are you ready to leave for Leven now?”

Allison groaned. “Listen, maybe, just maybe, I can start to believe this story about some other world, but why would I go and save a world that isn’t mine? Besides, from what I saw the other day, you had no problem defending yourself. You don’t need me to save your world. Eck, I can’t save a world, yours or mine. So I say you have the wrong person.”

“ Only the Chosen One can destroy the evil, and you are the Chosen One. And no, I do not have the wrong person. You are the only one who can save my world. It is doomed if you do not come.”

“But how can one person, me in this case, save a world? It’s crazy! I couldn’t do it. I’m just a normal girl,” Allison argued, but the words didn’t seem to reach him. It was set in his mind that she could save his world and nothing she could say seemed to have an effect on him. It was annoying.

With a long, suffering sigh, he handed her a book that Allison didn’t see he was carrying. Where he hid it, she didn’t know. Maybe the book just appeared in his hand. Yeah, probably something like that.

“Read this.”

Curious, Allison took the book. “What is it about?”

“Leven. Read it. At nightfall, I’ll be waiting in front of your house for your answer.”

“My answer will still- wait, what? How do you know where I live?”

Valaki smirked, unable to resist. “It wasn’t very hard to follow you. You don’t run very fast.”

Allison clenched her fists angrily, trying to control her anger. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. When she opened them, he was gone.



Lunchtime didn’t come fast enough for Allison. She hadn’t been attentive in class. The only thing in her mind was the book given by Valaki. She was dying to read it and during lunch was the perfect time. She supposed Valaki would be satisfied to see how curious she was about it.

She herself was surprised at her curiosity over the content of the book. She wasn’t a big reader to start with. So she didn’t know why she felt so…attracted toward the book. She just knew that she wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else until she read it.

She headed outside, sat down comfortably under a tree, and studied the book a moment. There was a simple design on the cover, a sort of star inside a circle and inside of the star, she could see a small symbol that reminded her of a ‘k’. No title, no author. Just the picture. Unable to wait another moment, she opened the book and started reading.

Five Gods created Leven.

The God of Life made trees, lakes, mountains, and gave birth to the first Leveniens. He gave our world Life.

The God of Knowledge gave them intelligence to walk, talk and think. He gave our world Wisdom.

The God of Love gave them the ability to love each other, as parents, friends and mates. He gave them Love.

The God of Light made them pure, and protected them from the darkness. He gave them Light.

And the First God watches over them, hearing their cries and pleas. He gave them His Protection.

“Watcha reading?”

Allison held back a yelp as Marian sat down next to her. She had been so caught in her reading she hadn’t heard her best friend coming. Marian took a look at the book.

“In what language is that written? It looks like Japanese or Chinese symbols. Don’t tell me you understand that stuff!”

Allison frowned and looked at the book. It looked like English to her. But not to make her friend suspicious she shook her head. Marian would ask questions and Allison wasn’t ready to answer them. If she could answer them. “No, of course not. I was just browsing. It’s…an old book of granny’s.”

Marian nodded and started playing with a lock of her brown hair. “I saw Edouard in my Physic class this morning. He told me you had a date with Rick? And when were you going to inform me, your best friend?” Cerulean eyes glared at her.

Usually, Allison would have called Marian as soon as she got home, but her thoughts had been on the previous night and she didn’t even thought of calling Marian. Guilt flowed in her. They never kept anything from each other and Allison could see that Marian was hurt she hadn’t call her. “I’m sorry about that. I had… things on my mind.”

“Things…like Rick? Edouard didn’t seem too happy when he told me he met the two of you in front of Radisson metro.”

“I don’t really know why. Maybe he doesn’t like Rick. I wanted to ask him that, but I guess it slipped off my mind.”

Marian grinned, feeling better already. She wasn’t one to hold a grudge for a long time. “I’ll go ask him, so you can finish browsing this old book! I’ll give you a call tonight, with all the details!”

Allison smiled as she watched Marian leave, glad that her best friend already forgave her. With a sigh, Allison returned to the book. And kept reading…

…until the bell rang, announcing the end of the day’s classes.

She had been so absorbed in the book that she completely forgot about school and that didn’t bother Allison as much as it should. Bad student? Naw.

She rushed home, holding the book tight in her hands, like she feared it would fly away from her.


“In the kitchen, dear.”

Allison entered the kitchen and motioned her grandmother to come sit next to her. “I…met Valaki this morning and he gave me this to read.” She showed the book to her and opened it. “See? Marian told me it was written in weird symbols, but to me, it’s English.”

“Interesting…It truly is…symbols. Much like those use in the Chinese and Japanese alphabet. It must be because you are the one that you are able to read it,” Rose offered. She carefully observed her granddaughter. “Did you find the book interesting?”

“I…It mostly contained the history of Leven, how it was created, their Gods, a few wars…It was really interesting…like the history of a foreign country, although I usually don’t really like history books. It’s weird that I liked this one… but that’s not a good enough reason to go there and save it from some evil. And how would I do that? I’m not a super hero! I can’t fly and I don’t have super powers like Superman. One person can’t save a world…it takes the will of all the habitants to save it. That’s always what our history teacher keep repeating to us when he does his speech.”


Allison sighed. She couldn’t hide anything from her grandmother. She knew her so well. “After reading that book…I feel like I know this place…like I’ve been there before, which is ridiculous, but the feeling is there. There was a sort of recognition feeling in the back of my head as I read the book. I never felt something like that before…”

“And you feel you need to help those people, even if you feel you won’t be able to do anything,” Rose finished. “I suppose you’re asking for my advice, right?” Allison nodded. “The decision is up to you. All I can tell you is: follow your heart.”

“That is so cliché,” Allison said, grinning. “But… I will. I have until nightfall to think about it…”


Allison was sitting outside, in front of her house, waiting for Valaki to show up. She had gone outside after her talk with her grandmother, saying she would eat later. She sighed and glanced at the book on her lap. A part of her didn’t want to go. Going meant leaving school behind. She was graduating in a month, and starting all over again didn’t appeal to her. But more importantly, it also meant leaving her friends and her grandmother, and most of all, her world. She never liked moving around. She had thrown a fit when she learned she was moving away from Key West.

She was also still convinced she wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing. In her mind, a seventeen years old girl simply couldn’t save a world. It made no sense. She couldn’t fight like Valaki seemed to be able to. She wasn’t overly smart either and always lost at those strategy games. Most of all, she didn’t understand why she supposedly was the Chosen One and still didn’t really believe it.

Yet another part of her was dying to go. To see a world that no one else had seen before, a world totally different from the one she was living in. Maybe it was the adventurer sleeping in her that was waking up, asking for some excitement. But she had to remember that she probably wouldn’t be able to play tourist there…

Her fingers touched the book softly, her finger slowly tracing the picture on the cover. What would be awaiting her if she went? Her finger stopped at the small ‘k’ in the middle of the star. Chosen One… who had chose her? Would she meet that person there? Why was the story in her family? What was that link between Earth and Leven that the story mentioned?

She looked at her watch. 20:42. She glanced around and was startled to find Valaki sitting next to her. She hadn’t even heard him! Damn. Does that guy ever make some noise?

“How long have you been sitting there?”

“Not long. Have you read the book?”

“Yeah. But why am I the only one able to understand it? To my friend and grandmother, the writing looked like symbols, but to me, it was English.”

Valaki gave her a funny look. “Because you are the one. Do you think I am speaking that weird tongue of yours? To anyone else on this world, I am speaking an unknown tongue.”

“Oooookay…then if you don’t understand English, how can you understand me?”

“Simple. When you speak to any Leveniens, you speak our tongue without realizing it.”

“I see…” She didn’t. She didn’t understand. How could she speak a tongue she never learned? Most of all, how could Valaki understand her when the words coming out of her mouth were in English? Why did they sound like his tongue to him? Too weird…

“Are you going to come with me then?”

The question frustrated Allison. Every time she had met the guy, he had asked her the same question. It was hard to admit, but it was annoying her and maybe even hurt her pride. “I…still have a few questions before I give my final answer.”

Valaki sighed but nodded.

“I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to save a world by myself.”

Valaki looked annoyed by the question. He rubbed his forehead impatiently and sighed again. “It is a one-on-one fight between the evil and the chosen one. It’s simply that.”

“Simply that?” She repeated, incredulously. “And how am I supposed to fight him? To be this evil, he probably has some super power. I doubt he’ll let me strangle him without resisting…”

Valaki gave her an exasperated look and his hand fell back on his side. “I cannot answer this question now. But you would not have been chosen if you did not have the capacities to do so.”

Allison rolled her eyes. So damn helpful… She didn’t even know if she could believe him. He could have a hundred reasons to lie to her, just to have her agree to come with him. But deep inside, she wanted to trust him. She felt she could trust him. She couldn’t explain the feeling. It was just there.

She sighed, and wished she could’ve had more time to think. Such a huge decision required more thinking. She’d also like to discuss it more with her grandmother. But he seemed impatient enough. Making him mad was the last thing she wanted.

Sighing again, she stared in his eyes. She could see the impatience with them, and the cold glare was still there, but behind the coldness, she could now see warmness. So because of the warm, and also because she couldn’t really answer anything else, she nodded. “I…fine, I’ll go.”

“You don’t sound very enthusiastic. But no matter, let us leave.” Valaki got up and waited for her to do the same.

“You mean, right now? I have to pack first! I need to bring cloths, my shampoo, toothbrush, hairbrush,” Allison enumerated, continuing the list in her head. “And I can’t leave without saying goodbye to my friends and my grandmother!”

Valaki looked almost murderous but with a sigh, he turned his back to her. “Fine. We leave tomorrow, a little after the sunrise. Don’t make me wait. I hate waiting.”

After he was gone, Allison remained outside for a while. She suddenly couldn’t believe she had agreed to go in a place unknown to her to help a bunch of people that she didn’t know, with a guy that she knew nothing about. Surely she was losing her sanity and her good judgement.

I really should have listened to my mother’s advice to never talk to strangers.


Valaki stood at the bottom of a building, his eyes looking up at the sky. He had to call every small bit of control in his body not to scream in frustration. He always knew humans were weird, but he had been watching those in this world a little since he arrived and he didn’t think he would ever understand them. The things they did…

Patience had never been one of his strong points. Now because of this girl, his limit had nearly exploded. Usually, when people broke his limit, he got mad. And here he was, trying to control his anger while he usually let it all out. Valaki didn’t like that. Not at all.

They were supposed to be in Leven already, but she made him wait. She wanted to say goodbye.

He could understand, but didn’t she understand the urgency of the situation?

He leant back on the wall with a sigh. Of course not. How could she? Days ago, she didn’t even know another world existed. He was going to have to be patient with her. She had no idea what was awaiting her.

All the weight of Leven rested on her shoulders now.

With a bitter laugh, he headed back home. He didn’t like staying in this world too long.



Regarde-moi => Look at me

Written: Febuary 21, 2003
Last Modified: November 01, 2004