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Earth and Leven. Two worlds completely different from each other. Earth, technologist, materialist and capitalist where humans, only different by the color of their skin, fight among themselves. Leven, land of magical creatures, wizards and warriors, struggle to survive the invasion of demons. But as different as they are, the two worlds are linked. A deep link, buried and unspoken.

A chosen one, destined to save a world - so different from hers in so many ways - from the Evil that threatens it. A guardian, selected to protect her and help her on her journey. This is what the legend proclaims, a legend long forgotten for many, soon to be rebirth.

But their quest goes much more deeper than what they both thought. It is not only a quest to defeat the Evil that lies in the depth of Leven. The chosen one, her guardian and their comrades who join them in their task along the way will also have to face and confront their worst fears. And their past.


Author's Note

Chatper 1: The Chosen One
Chapter 2: The Meeting
Chapter 3: The Journey Begins
Chapter 4: The Archer Beskytter
Chapter 5: Psychic Blasts
Chapter 6: The Thief
Chapter 7: Sorrows in the Night
Chapter 8: Geevar(Coming Soon)
Chapter 9: The Soul of the Sword
Chapter 10: The Green Stone of Knowledge
Chapter 11: The Fallen Druids
Chapter 12: Finite
Chapter 13: Welcome in Kapytol...enjoy your stay
Chapter 14: In the Streets of Kapytol
Chapter 15: The Savior
Chapter 16: Boat Trip
Chapter 17: The Underground City
Chapter 18: Slavery Issues
Chapter 19: Jade
Chapter 20: The Fire of Pain
Chapter 21: Fading

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