by Aelyva

Author's Notes: S4. Ignore what happened after 'Salvage'. After seeing Salvage, this idea came to my head and I just had to write it down. Evil Cordy annoys me…but she's also a pretty good villain. This is my interpretation of how and why Cordy is evil.

I slept with him.

It was needed. For the plan to work.

It wasn't really that hard to convince him. I didn't even need to convince him. I said the right words, played the right parts and he went eating right in my hand. He probably even fell in love with me. After that, it really wasn't hard. A smile, a look, and we did it.

And now I'm pregnant.

I'm pregnant with The Destroyer's baby. All according to my plan. He doesn't know. None of them does. I guess I really am a fine actress. Cordelia Chase isn't the hardest person to impersonate, but she's good, which was a challenge for me at the beginning. Acting good. Eurk. But it seems I do it right since they all think I'm her.

This child will be the key to the success of my plan. He will be powerful. How could he not? His father, a son of two vampires and his mother dearest, me. He will be powerful and he will destroy them all.

Ah, the look on his face when I told him. He didn't look too thrill, but for her, he will be a father. Stupid kid. But I planned that too. I'll have to stand him a while longer…He's so eager to please her. Me. He's still so young, but he thinks he knows.

I hadn't plan to tell him this soon. I wanted to wait. Wait for the perfect moment. But that damn Slayer arrived and ruined it all. Not all, of course, but some. There was so much admiration in his eyes and voice when he spoke about her. It made me want to kill him.

But not yet. I still need him.

So, to distract him, I told him. Now, hopefully, his attention will all be centered on me.

Me. Me. Me. Her.

I hope Angelus will kill her. She might be able to ruin my plans. She might even be able to bring his damn soul back.

But she'll never know either that I'm not her. It seems that no one can. Really pathetic. I feel almost sorry for her…or maybe I'm really that good that no one can make the different between me and her.

It doesn't matter. Soon, she won't even want to take back her body after I'll be done. Everyone will hate her. Me. No, her.

By that time, I'll be long gone with the kid, leaving Angel Investigation in a mess.

They won't be able to stop me. Us.

That's why I chose her. Only she could hurt them in the most hurtful way.

That's why I'm enjoying being her so much.


Written: March 25, 2003