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Bleach Stories

As soon as I started reading Bleach, I knew I was going to end up writing a fanfic one of these days. And the day finally came! I'll probably write more fics. I'll start with oneshots for now and when the story will be more advanced, maybe I'll try to write a serial. Who knows...

Anyway, I totally fell in love with the Ichigo/Rukia pairing which I found to be quite angsty at some moments. I also enjoy Chad alot, Hinamori and Kon, who cracks me up. I love angsty Rukia. And Renji!! *ahem*

[complete] Takes place during volume 6 and 7 of the manga. Rukia's POV. What she truly felt when she left Ichigo.

DISCLAIMER: Bleach, its characters and the storyline belong to Kubo Tite. I'm not making any profit by using them. Just having some fun.

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