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"He has an enormous practice; the authorities treat him with consideration, and public opinion protects him.  He has just received the cross of the Legion of Honor" (Flaubert 247)

Monsieur Homais, Winner of the French Legion of Honor

Hello and welcome to my website, the personal domain of Monsieur Homais, apothecary, chemist, philosopher, Renaissance man.  I will be your guide through the fascinating and extraordinary world of my life.  I reside in Yonville-l'Abbaye, near Rouen, a small town made famous by my notoriety and d numerous accomplishments.  I am a beacon of knowledge to this fine town.   As a middle aged man in the prime of his life, my mind is as sharp as a knife, and I maintain a respectable and flourishing pharmacy, the pride of the town, just a short step from the Lion d'Or Inn.  My wife, the handsomest in town, bore me four amazingly gifted progeny: Napoleon, Athalie, Franklin, and Irma.  As their names suggest, they are remarkable children with potentials equaling the great accomplishments and French people after whom they are named--chips off the old block, if I may add.  Also, under my care is a distant cousin of mine, Justin.  To this rambunctious youth, I have given him: shelter when no one else would, food when he was headed for starvation, warmth when he was left in the cold, boundless opportunities that few receive.  Furthermore, I am an award-winning author and journalist; currently, I am the Yonville liaison to The Rouen Beacon, an amazing piece of literary work.  My articles have won much critical acclaim, as have my essays and books.  Moreover, I am a member of several "'scientific societies'" (Flaubert 320), including the Agricultural Society of Rouen--agricultural section, pomology subsection.  An illustrious volunteer firefighter and voice of progress are also part of my remarkable resume.  Though I mainly stay here in Yonville, I have been known to grace the town of Rouen, marveling in the progress of mankind displayed in this awesome city.  By the way, did I mention that I have just been awarded the French Legion of Honor?  Truly, I am "the happiest of fathers, the most fortunate of men" (320).

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