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The Politics of the Naran

As the Naran becomes more involved in the politics of the multiverse, increasingly it must resort to the typical measures employed by diplomatic nations. Among these tried and true methods of political entanglement, the single most often used, besides war, is the treaty. The Naran currently has treaties with every prime world that it has close political ties with. More importantly, there are two major treaties between the Naran and the elves, called the Treaty Amencorsen, and the Treaty of Myseran, which binds all the realms together is a cohesive military and economic unit (though as yet, the realms retain a measure of political autonomy).

Treaty of Amencorsen

This treaty between the Naran and the elves shall deal primarily with the prime. In exchange for military assistance against the forces of Malsheem in Nadej and Morangia, as well as nearby Treznich and Lonidin, the Naran will forfeit all claims to any systems "south" of Nadej, south of Turgon, south of Meriain, east of Tarokhor, and southeast of Telustar, with the exception of the planet of Obron, if it chooses to join the Naran sometime within the next five years (this point is brought up specifically by Megaera). The Naran must agree that any systems that are counted within their sphere of influence shall join the Naran within five years or face invasion, to diffuse the threat of Malsheem. This includes any systems that are "discovered" through later exploration within their region of space.

The elves will pull out of the Meriain system and allow the Naran to patrol the Tarokhor system without elven interference. Should Malsheem be driven from Nadej and Treznich, those systems will also be given to the Naran, if it wants them.

The elves agree to allow the populations of neutral human worlds that are "liberated" to have the option of destruction or evacuation to the area controlled by the Naran, at the discretion of the Naran.

The elves agree to coordinate and provide military action against Malsheem in Nadej and Morangia, as well as Treznich and Lonidin, as soon as possible.

The elves have also advised the independent world of Ariane, who sought their advice on the matter, to join the Naran as soon as possible.

The elves and the Naran shall exchange ambassadors, to help prevent any future misunderstandings and to coordinate joint military action against Malsheem. Both ambassadors shall be of the elves' choosing. The elves choose Moraina as their ambassador to the Naran and Megaera as the Naran's ambassador to the elves.

Once Malsheem's force on the specified systems have been dealt with, leaving the Naran free of direct danger from Malsheem, both sides reserve the right to withdraw from the alliance. If both sides agree to continue the arrangement, the tenets already in existence will hold and a new treaty will be drawn up to deal with the situation at that time.

Treaty of Myseran

This treaty creates a loose federation of independent realms on Myseran comprising all sixteen sovereign realms not currently in a state of rebellion. This federation exists as both an economic and military organization that coordinates the actions of all realms and independent cities of Myseran with the aim of defeating the forces of Malsheem in Krigala and unifying the principle of neutrality throughout the plane. The treaty stipulates the following provisions:

1. All the allied realms will send a permanent force of soldiers to protect Verimiil. This will be decided separately for each realm, with current capabilities taken into account. These soldiers will serve alongside the Morendians and the Verimiil Guard as separate forces but under the direct supervision of the highest ranking Morendian official or, if no one of major status or higher is in the vicinity, the highest ranking Naran member, civilian or military, will be in charge. These troops will be supplied with the understanding that Verimiil will quarter them either in the city or in barracks outside of the city, paying them wages so that they might pay for their own sustenance. In exchange, this defensive force will patrol the border with Erythnul, protect the city, and also help rebuild what the army has already destroyed.

2. Each realm will provide an able ambassador, to reside in Verimiil and speak officially for the realm. These permanent diplomatic missions will be housed at the expense of Verimiil in the general vicinity of the main public buildings of the Old City of Waterdeep, with the aim that these representatives will be close to where the important decisions are made.

3. The Naran agrees to set up diplomatic missions of its own in every realm.

4. The Sixteen Realms of Myseran agree to allow the Naran final say over major policy decisions. The Naran is required to at least hear the advice and concerns of the realms at least once per month, if necessary, through the person of the local ambassador or, if required, the leaders of each realm.

5. The Naran does not have legal or political jurisdiction over any of the sixteen realms and any of these realms can leave the Naran if the Naran acts against their best interests.

6. Disputes between realms will be brought to the Naran for a fair and impartial arbitration.

7. Each of the sixteen realms agrees to open formal trading agreements with Verimiil, allowing them access to their products.

8. If any of the sixteen realms are attacked, the Naran is required to assist to the best of its abilities, though the realms are aware that the Naran has many interests in the prime and can be stretched thin as a result. Therefore, all sixteen realms agree that an attack against one of them is an attack against all of them and agree to give support.

9. In order to guard against possible invasion and infiltration, the Naran is authorized to employ the Shadow Dragon Core, its elite military and peacekeeping forces, throughout all the realms, giving them power of police. Morendian soldiers will be allowed to bear arms throughout Myseran without rebuke. Abuses will be brought up in counsel. This is done with the idea that the Morendians and the ambassadors must maintain a manner consistent with the realms they are involved with and behave according to local customs unless that is not possible.

10. In the future, should alterations to this treaty be necessary, a meeting of all the realms must be held in Verimiil to discuss the changes. If three-fourths (at least 12) of the realms vote to change the treaty, the amendment is ratified.

Other Alliances

The Naran currently maintains political and economic alliances with all the prime worlds that are incorporated into the Naran. These treaties, modeled on the Treaty of Myseran, provide for the expansion of trade and the free passage of the Shadow Dragon Core throughout these territories, to act as a police force.

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